New 165 rather of 80 km/h! 17-year-old racing in a Porsche on the A100

Speeding on the Autobahn (indication image) Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa

Written by Isabel Herwig

A 17- year-old young boy drove a Porsche at high speed on the A100 in Britz on Thursday night– with his mom in the traveler seat. Specifically clear: the young boy and his mom are repeat transgressors!

The Porsche captured the attention of patrol officers around 0.20 am on Gradestrasse as it sped towards the Neukölln roadway junction. The speedometer revealed: 165 km/ h and 80 permitted!

When the officers stopped the vehicle, it appeared that the 17- year-old and his mom were no complete strangers to the cops. Not even a week previously, last Friday, the boy ran over the A13 in Brandenburg.

Between Bronkow and Calau, the speeder was detained by the Brandenburg authorities at 200 km/h in the allowed speed of 120 km/h.

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A 17- year-old driver has a test certificate “Accompanied driving from 17”.

► For speeding infractions just in Britz, a young adult can now anticipate an administrative offense treatment– with a minimum of 2 points, a fine of 1600 euros, a three-month driving restriction, involvement in a high traffic law workshop and 2- to include year of his probationary duration.

► Last Friday, the boy currently got a fine of 600 euros, a two-month driving restriction and 2 points in the primary traffic register. He has actually currently fixed a top-level workshop with his offense in Brandenburg.

After the check, the 17- year-old had the ability to continue his journey.


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