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New 19 groups are defending the sidecar title/ sidecar world champion

In mid-May, the opening round of the 2023 sidecar world champion will be held at the Sachsenring. Far, 19 groups have actually revealed their interest in taking part in the greatest level of tricycle racing.

The stress prior to the start of the Sidecar World Championship 2023 is increasing, due to the fact that the winter season break was longer than it has actually remained in several years. Numerous groups utilized the championship game races in England and France to get ready for the very first 2 World Championship races at the Sachsenring.

By the end of April, 19 groups had actually signed up for the World Cup, 5 of which can currently reflect on an overall of 16 World Cup titles.

As the protecting champs, Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clement are not taking on the number 1, however they are taking on somebody they understand. ” 6″ the season. The British-French set, who set brand-new requirements in 2015 with 9 wins, 5 2nd locations and a 3rd location in 16 races, feel well gotten ready for the long-awaited title chase.

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Brit Tim Reeves, who resides in the Netherlands, is the most effective driver in the field still alive. The six-time British champ has actually brought fellow Briton Mark Wilkes on board once again this season. After 2 years in the IDM sidecar he is concentrating on the world champion.

British siblings Ben and Tom Birchall likewise go back to the World Championship after concentrating on the domestic champion and the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races in 2021 and2022 They validated that the three-time world champs are still amongst the favorites to win far from house. of Portugal in 2021.

With Finn Pekka Päivärinta (5 world titles) and Dutchman Bennie Streuer (1 world title), 2 other previous champs will be on the beginning grid. They deal with young, enthusiastic motorists such as England’s Stephen Kershaw, Harry Payne and Sam Christie, France’s Ted Peugeot and Switzerland’s Lukas Wyssen.

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From a German-speaking viewpoint, Josef Sattler and co-driver Luca Schmidt, who for the previous 2 years defended the title on the IDM board versus fellow Bonovo Action Reeves, are provided the very best opportunity. One can be pleased with the very first World Championship look of the young Lennard Göttlich/ Lucas Krieg.

On Friday, May 12, 2023, the very first practice and certifying sessions will occur at the Sachsenring. On Saturday, May 13, 2023, the last certifying and eleven-lap race will happen. In the primary race on Sunday, 20 laps need to be finished on the 3.67 km MotoGP track.

List of individuals
# 6 Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clement (GB/F), LCR F1
# 9 Claude Vinet/Christophe Darras (W), LCR F1
#10 John Holden, Ashley Hawes (GB), ARS F1
#11 Peter Kimeswenger/Ondrej Sedlacek (A/CZ), LCR F1
#16 Ben Birchall/Tom Birchall (GB), LCR F1
#19 Markus Schwegler/Ondrej Kopecky (D/CZ), LCR F1
#21 Bennie Streuer/Kevin Kolsch (NL/D), ARS F1
#29 Stephen Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood (GB), LCR F1
#33 Max Zimmermann/Ronja Mahl (D), ARS F 1
#34 Sam Christie/Tom Christie (GB), LCR F1
#35 Josef Sattler/Luca Schmidt (D), ARS F1
#42 Lennard Göttlich/ Lucas Krieg (D), ARS F1
#44 Pekka Päivärinta/ Ilse de Haas (FIN/NL), LCR F1
#45 Harry Payne/Kevin Rousseau (GB/F), ARS F1
#55 Janez Remse/Manfred Wechselberger (SLO/A), ARS F1
#70 Rupert Archer/Adam Christie (GB), ARS F1
#74 Ted Peugeot/Vincent Peugeot (F), LCR F1
#77 Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes (GB), ARS F 1
#111 Kevin Cable/Charlie Richardson (GB), LCR F1

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