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New 2.0 fuel or 2.0 HDi diesel

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Secondly, energy worths- trunks of the most popular types (sedan and station wagon) have extremely typical capability. Third, quality– “407” is not an automobile that is a sign of toughness in the center class.

In reality, a lot depends upon the condition of the specific cars and truck (mileage and service), due to the fact that properly maintained cars with affordable mileage do not need to break down frequently, specifically if you pick the 2.0/ 136 and 140 HP gasoline (a safe alternative).) It is an effective engine, economical to make and manages LPG well. The primary alternative in this design is a 2-liter HDi diesel (among the very best diesels of current years), obviously, if the mileage is within factor and the previous owner did not extra cash for service and upkeep.

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Recommended engines: 2.0, 2.0 HDi


Good access to inexpensive replacements, great rates, typically abundant products, effective 2.0 engines.


High mileage for the majority of cars, typical suspension strength (rather tough), emergency situation power.

Technical information 1.8 2.0 2.0 HDi
Engine– type, variety of valves Benz. R4/ 16 Benz. R4/ 16 diesel R4/ 16
Temporary system DOHC DOHC DOHC
Type of short-term drive string string string
Displacement (cm3) 1749 1997 1997
Maximum power (kW/ KM/ rpm) 92/125/6000 103/140/6000 103/140/4000
Max. Rev. (Nm/rpm) 170/3750 200/4000 320/2000
Top speed (km/h) * 203 213 208
Acceleration 0-100 km/ h (seconds) * 103 9.1 9.8
Fuel usage (l/ 100 km) 105/ 6.0/ 7.7 110/ 6.4/ 8.1 7.7/ 4.9/ 5.6

Our grade: 4-


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