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New 3000 PCX125 designs offered by Honda Polska

On May 19, Honda Polska offered the 3,000 th PCX125 design. The purchase of the initial copy was made by an MCS service customer in Warsaw. For the fortunate purchaser, Honda has actually prepared a reward in the type of a devices coupon worth PLN 1,000

The PCX appeared in Europe in 2010 to offer a high level of individual convenience (PC) (” X”)– thus the name of the bike. The comfy flight was accompanied by an appealing style and premium workmanship, so it not just brought the rider convenience to the location, however likewise looked great. It was likewise the very first two-wheeler in Europe to have an idling stop system, thanks to which it was pleased with a percentage of fuel.

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The Honda PCX125 is among the very popular scooters in Europe. Its strong measurements, low weight, dealing with and, at the exact same time, peaceful and affordable eSP + engine make it a great buddy for the everyday commute and smooth driving through crowded city streets.

PCX125 is a scooter that follows the times. The design provided now has a meaningful, futuristic design, stressed by contemporary LED lights and a variety of options that increase the level of convenience and efficiency. The seat of the scooter has a profile to guarantee the convenience of the rider, and simple access to the ground. The quantity of legroom has actually been increased, a full-sized helmet is now positioned under the seat, and the USB Type-C charging socket is positioned in the glove compartment.

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The benefit of the PCX125 design, which considerably impacts its sales success, is an excellent ratio of quality to rate at the time of purchase and expense throughout the whole life of the bike.

More details about the PCX125 scooter can be discovered here HERE


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