New A brand-new automobile. Peugeot 308 SW Plug-in Hybrid [Test Travelera]

The French love to experiment. They boldly fix a limit of the body of their designs and embellish it with the success of modern-day innovation. Was the automobile rebuilt this time with a brand-new 308?

It steps forward detailed structure that can’t be incorrect. The brand-new 308 draws a fair bit from the styling of its huge sibling, the 508, while maintaining its distinct character. The aggressive front and daytime running lights, similar to lion’s teeth, can be delighted in, and definitely not undetected in the rearview mirror.

The side line of the Peugeot 308 SW, in turn, has its own a lot lightness and sophistication The designs had the ability to affect the motions of the consuming feline on the body of the cars and truck.

Considering the outside of the French station wagon, you can have high expectations for the interior. Naturally, nobody needs to misery. When you unlock, you right away tension with joy ” Oh mon Dieu!” and “Oh la …”. Anyone who has actually called the French brand name in the last 2 years can anticipate that the cockpit will be special, somewhat turned towards the driver and futuristic. What Peugeot designers recommended to their clients is real a surreal sensation in the finest sense of the word.

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Driving position it is comfy and you get the sensation that whatever is close. Here, nevertheless, we have an improvement of the concepts utilized in examples 208 and508 Since and the screen in front of the driver is larger, and control of nearly all functions has actually been transferred to the primary screen. Prior to the job was put into production, somebody believed about it and at the last minute included a couple of buttons at the bottom of the screen with the most essential functions. These consist of the volume knob, fast access to driving functions also ac system and air circulation control knobs All this makes a really great impression, the components of the board are well sealed and there is no overwhelming with shiny piano black.

Peugeot i-Cockpit is a three-component driving position system: a compact wheel, a digital instrument cluster in the driver’s line of vision, and a high-resolution touchscreen. In addition, the “clock” is not noticeable behind the wheel, however above it, which in the beginning contact somewhat disrupts the sensation of self-confidence. After a while, nevertheless, the driver will seem like an eight-year-old opening his dream Lego Technic set. Whatever is fresh, brand-new and incredible A 3D image is shown on the screen in front of the driver. The animation does not trouble the driver too much. On the other hand, traffic control are excellent enjoyable and you can never ever get tired.

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Peugeot has currently accustomed us to the reality that it comprehends the spaciousness of the interior in its own apparent method. It can not be stated that the cabin is bad. This sensation of “fitting in” can originate from experience larger front row seats which is likewise wonderfully comfy. The back is no longer appealing, however due to the long wheelbase, it is much better than the hatchback variation, where the legroom for high guests is “closer”. The SW variation likewise boasts more freight area which in the Plug-in Hybrid variation is 548 dm 3(dm 361 3 on a hatchback). This suffices to quickly for the vacations.

Peugeot would not be itself if it did not offer consumers with brand-new technical options and the best of a brand-new design. In addition to the popular matrix LED lights and a set of electronic assistants, we can get a system of efficient air filtration from bacteria and irritants. Clean closet and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto cordless connection.

The most essential book in the Peugeot 308 cars and truck line is Hybrid plug-in variation with 225 HP The package consists of: a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 180 HP and an electrical motor with 110 HP, along with an 8-speed automated transmission. Battery with a capability of 12.4 kWh it enables driving without emissions for a range of as much as 60 km. Remarkably, the increased weight in the rear part of the vehicle caused much better weight circulation and balance, thanks to which the Peugeot 308 SW drives with confidence not just in a straight line, however likewise at sharp corners on side roadways. The suspension is enjoyable, keeping its French origin. Vehicle initially 100 km/ h increases in 7.6 seconds and has the capability to speed up to a speed of 235 km/ h. And this is sufficient worth even outside our western border. The cabin is totally soundproofed and even at highway speeds, the interior is gorgeous and peaceful.

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The French love to explore technical options and present technological interest to their designs. The brand-new Peugeot 308 SW Plug-in Hybrid has plenty of info from the IT world. With convenience and terrific ergonomics of the interior, we get an automobile that can lastly be example in the compact class It’s scrumptious, stylish and advanced … in French.


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