New A brand-new base variation with a variety of 440 km?

( Motorsport-Total. com/Motor1)– Tesla is supposedly preparing a brand-new variation of the Model Y (buy utilized Tesla Model Y cars now). We just recently reported a report from China that it will be a CATL LFP battery, now another report states it will be a BYD LFP battery.

Tesla Model Y


There appears to be some fact to the brand-new report, and it does not appear to be practically the Model Y for China. Due to the fact that BYD batteries are stated to have actually currently come to the Tesla factory in Grünheide, composes Teslamag. In addition, in June BYD executives stated their business will quickly provide batteries to Tesla

According to a report by Tesla Magazine, Tesla has actually currently gotten EU type approval for the brand-new Model Y– from the Dutch authorities. In it, the brand-new variation is described as type 005, the internal code is Y7CR. The storage capability is provided as 55 kWh, the variety as 440 km. This implies that the capability and variety are less than the 2 variations formerly displayed in the German setup, which are declared to have a battery cover of 79 kWh 514 and 533 km respectively.

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Early variations of the Model-y all have four-wheel drive (Dual Motor, DM); whether the brand-new base design (like the Model 3) has rear-wheel drive is unclear from the post.

Description: New base design (?)– Long Term DM– Performance DM

Drive/power: kA– AWD/378 kW– AWD/393 kW
0-100/ peak: NA– 5.0 sec/217 km/h– 3.7 sec/250 km/h
WLTP power usage: declared 15.5 kWh/100 km– 16.9 kWh/100 km– 17.1 kWh/100 km
Battery: declared 55 kWh– declared 79 kWh– declared 79 kWh
Cell: owed by BYD– owed 2170 from LG– owed. 2170 from LG
WLTP variety: declared 440 km– 533 km– 514 km
Empty weight: 2,086 kg (EU?)– 2,056 kg (DIN?)– 2,072 kg (DIN?)
Cash rate: n/a– 60,170?– 66,450?
Price prior to funding: (producer’s part included): kA– 63,145? (60,170 +2,975?)– 69,445? (66,450 +2,975?)

According to Teslamag, a rear-drive version with a 60 kWh battery was likewise revealed by CATL in the summertime of 2021– obviously the exact same LFP battery that will be set up in the base Model 3. This battery is a little bigger than the BYD battery and ought to likewise providing the Model Y more variety (455 km).

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The BYD battery is a style battery, which implies it handles peaceful functions so that the body can be light. The Model Y with the CATL battery is stated to weigh 2,153 kg, however the Model Y with the style battery from BYD weighs just 2,086 kg, which is 67 kg less.

Both numbers are most likely to describe the curb weight according to the EU requirement, which is 75 kg greater than that according to the DIN requirement (and which Tesla most likely utilizes for its details in the designer, given that the existing variations are lighter). Low weight minimizes power intake to simply 15.5 kWh/100 km. Tesla likewise wishes to utilize a style battery for the Model Y with 4680 cells

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So far, Tesla has actually been developing the Model Y in Texas and Berlin with 2170 cells from LG, and the 4680 cells are the only couple of copies that have actually been integrated in Austin to our understanding. The BYD battery seems an option to this.

More about the Tesla Model Y:

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Tesla Model Y with 4680 cells: The battery is stated to save around 67 kWh

In the most recent BYD design, the Electric sedan Seal, the cars and truck and battery maker sets up an 83 kWh battery that follows the “cell-to-body” (CTB) principle. Here, cells are constructed straight into the body, without going through modules or battery packs. This ought to increase the energy density. This term resembles cell-to-chassis (CTC).

Source: Teslamag


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