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New A brand-new vehicle for PLN 99 each month? Just how much will the brand-new Citroen AMI cost?

Citroen AMI is a two-seater cars and truck, which will be provided to Polish consumers in fall. Its optimum speed is 45 km/ h and its variety does not go beyond 75 km. It is a method to get around the city district, close to house: a shopping vehicle, for brief journeys to work.

In Western nations, AMI you can purchase a vehicle for more than 7 thousand euros, which in Polish terms indicates 35,000 zlotys. The funding deal appears to be more intriguing, in which you pay EUR 19.99 for utilizing the vehicle after paying EUR 3,500 Will a comparable shaped deal appear in Poland? It is not separated.

New Citroen AMI for 8 thousand …

If AMI can be partly funded from the My Electrician program, it will be more affordable. Extra charge for people is PLN 27,000 or PLN 18,750 In this case, a brand-new Citroen would cost PLN 8,000 or PLN 16,250, respectively.

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AMI is likewise utilized in consistent services

… or for PLN 99 monthly

If the extra payment in the My Electricity program was meant for payment and in some way associated to the funding of among the Stellantis business, you can produce a really fascinating deal, where leasing such a vehicle will be extremely simple, even for about PLN 100 monthly. The problem of insurance coverage is still to be solved, particularly for young motorists, however the cost appears extremely appealing.

So what if it’s little?

” Opponents” of AMI state that it is not a genuine cars and truck and is not appropriate for Polish roadways. They forget that it does not need to be the universal vehicle for everybody and for all circumstances. Going to the shop, work, school, university, going to close-by locations, leaping in the park, carrying something, a van like providing pizza or other food– it’s ideal for such functions. In congested cities, it uses up less area, it will work much better than a bike, it will efficiently secure versus the Polish weather condition. Which it is little and slow? These are simply its attributes.

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It might be a hit

If Citroën handles to make the best monetary deal, it might be a big success. The need for these cars is seen from the lead to other nations. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the launch of the selling design.

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