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New A mishap including a Maserati in Leszno. 2 individuals were required to health center [ZDJĘCIA I WIDEO]

Accident in Poznańska Street in Leszno. 3 cars clashed in between Podwale and Gronowo roundabout: Kia, Ford and Maserati. 2 individuals were required to healthcare facility. This is the 14- year-old guest of the Ford and the 70- year-old driver of the Kia. He might be the one accountable for the entire event. He unexpectedly kipped down the opposite instructions, triggering a crash.

The mishap took place on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 after 6 pm. It was drizzling in Leszno considering that early morning, likewise throughout this occasion. The cars operated on a straight area in between laps.

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Initially it is understood that a person of the cars– Kia– was triggering an accident, all of a sudden altering lanes.

Watch the video from the mishap in Poznańska Street in Leszno:

— A 70- year-old Kia driver, driving the Poznańska automobile towards the Gronowo roundabout, developed into the opposite lane. There was a crash with a Ford vehicle, driven by a 48- year-old male. His 14- year-old child was likewise taking a trip with him. After the crash, the Kia automobile turned and struck a Maserati that was heading in the exact same instructions. These are our initial outcomes

— Monika Żymełka from the authorities in Leszno informs us.

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A 70- year-old guy from Kii and a male from Ford went to the health center.

Ford and Kia suffered one of the most. Their fronts are broken, recommending a nearly head-on accident. Maserati likewise has actually a ruined side. Another cars and truck that was stuck throughout the mishap, ought to have suffered in the mishap.

See pictures from the mishap scene

View the gallery(23 pictures)

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A mishap including a Maserati in Leszno. 2 individuals went …

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