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New “A tractor pull would not look bad to a lot of contracting business”

Father Richard and child Bram van Deuveren from Hoevelaken are welcome visitors at Trekkertrek occasions in the location. They have actually made a great deal of contacts there and a great deal of interest in agreement farming work has actually been established. Their own Ford 8630 is a powerhouse and, according to sixteen-year-old Bram van Deuveren, a tractor that would not watch out of location for many contracting business.

Due to the power and strength, the tractor would succeed in corn or in silage. The truth that the Ford 8630 is popular with professionals anyhow appears from its election as Tractor of the Month for June.

Thirty years of power

” The tractor is my dad’s, however I likewise get to drive it from time to time. We constantly get involved when there are Trekkertrek occasions in the location. The Ford is from 1992 and has in between 2 and 3 hundred horse power. It now has about 8900 hours. on the counter. 2 hundred hours back, the tractor had a total engine overhaul. We repainted and stuck a Ford.”

Ford 8630 is ‘pure tractor pull tractor’

” We do not have a farming organization or an agreement service. The tractor is simply for pastime. We purchased it 6 years back. We saw it online and after that visited it. We were offered instantly. My daddy was contaminated with the Trekkertrek phenomenon. A little through associates and later on likewise through connections with professionals, which we have actually discovered at occasions. The Ford remains in my grandpa’s cabin.”

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Power and strength from the Ford 8630 ideal for agreement work

” Ford is great, drives great and simple, looks great and sounds great. This Ford can be an agreement employee in my viewpoint. It has power and capability for it. I believe it is great to operate in silage or in corn. Such a task.”


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Text: Martin de Vries
Photo: Bram van Deuveren

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