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New A6 e-tron on the marketplace in 2023!

  • Audi A6 e-tron in 2 physique on the marketplace currently in 2023

  • The area and world ideas show the technological expertise and abilities of the Audi style studio.

  • The principle of a city environment offers extraordinary convenience in the cabin with multimedia functions or a resting location throughout self-governing driving.

Imagine you are entering into your cars and truck. You choose self-governing driving mode. The guiding wheel and pedals are concealed in the cockpit, and the automobile begins driving after an audio statement of the location. Quiet, effective and safe. At the very same time, you can search email, dining establishment deals, store or simply unwind.

Do you like such a concept?

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For example, like a city traffic lane where you lose an hour or more every day heavily following the cars and truck in front at a snail’s speed? With the electrification of the drives, Audi has actually chosen to turn its brand-new cars into home entertainment centers ii handling all the important things you do not have sufficient time in today’s hectic world.

But to allow tomorrow, The entire concept of a vision cars and truck was required which will satisfy the brand-new requirements. Such an innovative job is the PPE platform, booked just for Audi and Porsche

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The Audi brand name appreciates engaging experiences. As Oliver Hoffmann, member of the executive board of AUDI AG for technical advancement, stated at the launch of the Audi A6 Avant e-tron principle: “We are not just interested in the electrification of the 45- year effective history of the Avant variation. What we appreciate the majority of is that our technical abilities enable us to include an exclamation indicate it.

And now– we welcome you to the gallery for forecasts of what will occur on the roadway in the future and will take the vehicle market to brand-new levels in the leading class.

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