New ABT makes your Cupra Leon more effective than the fastest Golf in the variety

The German tuner has actually simply provided a plan of improvements to the Leon household of cars from the Cupra brand name. From now on, clients will have the ability to update their Spanish cars.

Appearance modifications are restricted to 20- inch rims and brand-new suspension springs. As an outcome, the cars and truck will sit 30 millimeters lower and the wheel arches will be much better filled.

ABT Cupra Leon Sportstourer

> See how the Cupra Formentor sounds and speeds up with a total exhaust system from ABT (video)

The icing on the cake is the electronic adjustment that increases the power of the engine. As typical, the Cupra Leon has 300 horse power and 400 Newtons of torque from the 2.0-liter gas engine.

The Cupra Leon VZ Sportstourer is the ideal household cars and truck, or station wagon, with 10 more horse power and 4×4.

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After using the ABT adjustment, the hatchback will offer the driver with 360 horse power, and the hatchback variation will produce 370 horse power. Both cars have a torque of 450 Newton meters.

ABT Cupra Leon
ABT Cupra Leon

> This is the distinction in between the RS7 series and the ABT RS7-R. You pay PLN 400,000 additional for this (video)

The whole adjustment plan expenses EUR 5,990 in overall, or around PLN 27,400 Accumulating the purchase rate of a routine vehicle, we still do much better than selecting the Volkswagen Golf R.


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