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New After the phony telephone call in June: Berlin Prime Minister Franziska Giffey speaks with the genuine Vitali Klitschko– Berlin

© dpa/Senate Chancellor Berlin

Among other things, the mayors discussed the scenario in Kyiv, energy supply and propaganda. A couple of weeks previously, Giffey was the victim of a trick call.

Seven weeks after the phony video call with the phony Vitali Klitschko, the acting mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey talked to the genuine mayor of Kiev. The SPD political leader revealed this on Thursday night on Twitter.

Accordingly, the video switch was on the circumstance in Ukraine and in Kyiv from the viewpoint of Russia’s war of aggressiveness. Other subjects consist of energy supply and the scenario of Ukrainian refugees in Germany. The risks of propaganda and phony video calls were likewise talked about.

On June 24, Giffey had a video chat with somebody who appeared like Klitschko however was not Klitschko. A couple of days later on, the Russian satirists “Vovan and Lexus” confessed to the ARD paper “Contrasts” that they lagged the phony call. On Thursday, the 2 launched supposed excerpts from the discussion.

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According to Senate spokesperson Lisa Frerichs, Giffey had actually now been linked to the genuine Klitschko for about an hour. Both exchanged successfully in German, Klitschko speaks the language extremely well. In a brief video series that Giffey composed on Twitter, he made fun of the start of the discussion: “Well, I hope, dear Vitali Klitschko, that I. speak with a genuine individual this time” He initially jokingly responds that he does not understand, however then includes: “I believe I’m the genuine one. I believe so.” Giffey responds, “So you’re speaking to the genuine one, too.”


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