New America Mineiro-MG– Indep. del Valle 0-2 (0-1). Day 1 of the Copa Libertadores match

Both groups have actually played just as soon as prior to. The conference ended with the success of eleven Indep. del Valle.

Richard Schunke kept in mind the assistant.

Fortune smiled on the gamers of Indep. del Valle in the 12 th minute of the match, when Junior Sornoza scored the very first objective. In between the 21 st and 45 th minute, the referee attempted to soothe the video game by revealing 3 yellow cards to the gamers of America Mineiro-MG and 2 of the opposing group.

The very first half ended with Indep somewhat ahead. del Valle.

In the 49 th minute, the referee revealed a yellow card to Nicolas Previtalego from Indep. del Valle, and in the 56 th minute Ale from the opposing group. Half an hour prior to the last whistle, the American group Mineiro-MG altered. Juan Ramirez followed Everald.

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In the 61 st minute, Ale was removed and changed by Felipe Azeved. In between the 70 th and 89 th minutes, the referee attempted to cool down the video game by revealing 2 yellow cards to Indep gamers. del Valle and among the opposing groups. In Between 71 and 90 minutes, Indep gamers left the field. del Valle: Jaimen Ayovi, Junior Sornoza, Nicolas Previtali, Cristian Pellerano, changed by: Billy Arce, Fernando Gaibor, Danny Cabezas, Marco Angulo. In the opposing group, the coach bought modifications on the field, the location of Paulinh Boi, Lucas Kal, Pedrinh was changed by: Henrique Almeida, Juninho, Matheusinho.

In the last minutes of the video game at the arena, the fans required more objectives. Billy Arce scored in the 90 th minute.

In the exact same minute in the l lth Indep. del Valle has actually altered. Christopher Angulo can be found in after Jhoanner Chavez. Up until completion of the conference, the outcomes did not alter. The match ended with an outcome of 0-2.

Players from both groups got 5 yellow cards.

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Both groups made 5 modifications in the 2nd half.



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