New An old cars and truck associated with a mishap in Fischbachau– damage of 38,000 euros

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A high level of residential or commercial property damage was triggered today, Sunday, August 21, at the entryway of Cafe Winklstüberl in Fischbachau, when 2 cars clashed while turning, among them being an important old automobile that was more than 55 years of ages.

Press release in words:

Fischbachau— Around 12: 45 pm, a 58- year-old male from Miesbach turned left in his Mazda from the state roadway from Hundham to the car park of Cafe Winklstüberl. He did not see the old Triumph cars and truck of the 70- year-old driver from Fischbachau, who was driving directly on the state roadway2077 Obviously, the old automobile was covered by the cars and truck in front, which likewise got in the car park of the coffee shop there.

Since the driver of a regular vehicle was driving at about 40 kilometers per hour, the influence on the Mazda convertible, which was struck in the ideal back, luckily went parallel with no physical injuries, however the damage triggered to the cars. whatever is larger. When it comes to the traditional Triumph traditional TR4A, the whole body of the cars and truck was altered, which is why an overall loss of 38,000 euros need to be considered. A stock report on a basic cars and truck was produced 2 months back.

Property damage of around 6,000 euros was triggered to Mazda. Overall financial loss can likewise be presumed here.

Press release authorities Miesbach


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