New Another tip of the Ford Kuga PHEV

Ford needs to remember more than 36,000 Kuga hybrids and plug-in hybrids in Germany– due to a fire risk. The factor is not the battery, as in the previous referral, however the gasoline engine. The actions to be taken throughout the project to bring them back are unexpected.

A faulty rod bearing can trigger engine damage and damage the engine block or oil pan– due to the style, overflow oil can “build up under the engine cover under particular operating conditions and relocate to sources of ignition,” The “kfz-betrieb” website prices quote a Ford representative as stating. The factor for the build-up of combustible liquids is the protective structure of the engine under the body and the closed system of the radiator grille.

However, the linking rod bearing inside the engine, which is undoubtedly really vulnerable, is not altered in the workshop. Rather, “the grille closing system will be customized to enhance air flow to the engine while driving, decreasing heat under the hood,” the representative stated. And: According to Ford, specialists drill extra drain holes in the undercarriage so oil or grease does not gather there. To put it simply, the oil needs to have the ability to go into the environment.

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When asked by “Auto, Motor und Sport”, Ford stated that they did not anticipate that additional fuel would go into the environment as an outcome. Since the holes in the lower part are not the real main spray, however the adjustment of the active radiator grille. This does not go down well with impacted clients: According to AMS, AMS has actually gotten an e-mail from a “shocked” consumer who believes the contamination will be accepted. “I do not see that as a service to the issue. Simply delaying and developing another issue,” states the consumer.
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