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Aston Martin Lagonda Global is trading at GBP 544.2 on the stock market on 08/15/2022, 22: 44. The company is listed under “Automobile Manufacturer”.

Based on a total of 5 evaluation criteria, we have developed an evaluation of the current level of the Aston Martin Lagonda Global. At each stage, the company receives a Buy, Hold or Sell grade. This results in the final weighting of the overall grade.

1. Emotion and buzz: At Aston Martin Lagonda Global, no significant change in mood could be observed in the last few weeks. Changes in mood occur when the majority of market participants in social networks, which is the basis of this assessment, has a tendency towards positive or negative topics. Since there are no registered flaws in Aston Martin Lagonda Global in this regard, we rate this criterion at “Hold”. Regarding the strength of the discussion, or to put it another way, the change in the number of publications, there was greater attention paid to the company. We honor this with a “Buy” rating. In summary, Aston Martin Lagonda Global gets a “Buy” at this rate.

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2. Relative Strength Index: The Relative Strength Index (or RSI for short) compares the rise and fall of an underlying asset over time, making it a good indicator of overbought or underbought stocks. The last 7-day RSI for Aston Martin Lagonda Global stock was valued at 30.96. On this basis, the stock is neither overbought nor oversold and receives a “hold” rating. We now compare the 7-day RSI with the 25-day RSI value (45.26). Again, Aston Martin Lagonda Global is neither bought nor sold (value: 45.26), so the stock also receives a “hold” rating on the RSI25. Overall, RSI ratings give Aston Martin Lagonda Global a “Hold” rating.

3. Analyst Rating: On a long-term basis, analysts rate Aston Martin Lagonda Global stock as a “Buy” stock. A total of 18 analysts gave this rating: 2 buy, 2 hold, 0 sell. There are no Aston Martin Lagonda Global analyst updates from last month. On average, analysts expect a target price of GBP 1876.67. This creates an expectation of 244.85% as the closing price is currently £544.2 which is a ‘buy’ grade. Based on all analysts’ estimates, we therefore give a “Buy” rating.

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