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New Audi has actually begun an advancement program for its F1 engine

Audi’s F1 task director Adam Baker verified that his business has actually begun advancement work utilizing its own forces.

At the Belgian Grand Prix, Audi formally revealed its dedication to the Grand Prix series from 2026, when brand-new engine policies will be used to the sport.

It is understood that the German issue will sign up with F1 as an engine maker. We ought to likewise understand his prepare for the factory group quickly.

Baker exposed that a collaboration in this regard might be revealed later on this year. He kept in mind, nevertheless, that no matter this, deal with the advancement of the electrical train was continuing at the Neuberg station.

In our factory in Neuberg, we have actually currently begun deal with the vehicle system. The FIA is completing the technical guidelines for the chassis. They most likely will not be released up until2024 The very first action will be the engine. The next action is to deal with a group of partners to construct the cars and truck

A test in 2025– I can envision it will happen in the middle of the year, perhaps someplace in Spain, which is an excellent location for such journeys. After that, we just have the very first race in the 2026 season

We are 42 months far from our very first video game. We remain in an excellent position, however I should confess that we are dealing with huge obstacles

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