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The Volkswagen T-Roc was initially not indicated to be a traditional or vintage car. Considering that the design has actually been on the market for a long time, it has actually ended up being that itself! That sensation is more reinforced due to the fact that Volkswagen has at the very same time presented a brand-new variety where whatever has to do with development (ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5).

At the very same time, the T-Roc has actually stayed really traditional and even after a facelift for the 2022 design year, the design is not seen by its style. The T-Roc is and stays a mid-size SUV with classic lines that are particular of Volkswagen. The T-Roc is neither amazing nor modest, however something in the center to deal with the biggest group possible.

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For the 2022 design year, the floodlights are highlighted for a more rugged appearance. The external edge of the LED headlights (!) now continues in a glossy strip that is likewise part of the grille which’s a really good (and initial!) function. At the back, the shape of the reflectors and the rear bumper have actually been customized to highlight the length (formerly this was just width). In addition, brand-new rims and paint colors are readily available. The test automobile has the color “Ascot Grey”, which is really more white than horn white or a lighter beige than grey.

Volkswagen T-Roc
Volkswagen T-Roc

Inside, the distinction is made by the products utilized. Softer products have actually been utilized on the control panel and door panels than ever in the past. From now on, there are no physical buttons on the guiding wheel, however touchable panels to run the on-board computer system and audio system, to name a few things. The concern is whether this is actually development. After checking numerous drives with lots of Volkswagens, properly utilizing these delicate panels in a moving vehicle is still an obstacle.

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” The T-Roc’s development remains in devices, security functions and interior design”

Introduction to ” Digital Cockpit” it might appear inconsistent to the traditional nature of the T-Roc. These screens rather of buttons and clocks have actually been flowing in the Volkswagen Group for practically 10 years and have actually shown their effectiveness. The user can select from various settings, so that, depending upon the circumstance, the focus can be put on use, security or, for instance, navigation. Please keep in mind that some functions need extra payment. The test driver attempted to determine where to access the navigation system, however to do so, the Volkswagen Online Store had actually to be checked out.

Volkswagen T-Roc

” IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist” handles the interactive systems that permit the T-Roc to help with stopping, guiding and velocity. Similar to other Volkswagens with comparable innovation, this one works well. If you turn it on, you’ll get additional convenience for cross countries and visual attention in rush hour. If you do not like this electronic devices, you can switch off numerous functions.


Like lots of other makers, Volkswagen has actually stopped making combustion engines. The existing engines have actually been improved with small modifications, however that’s about it. Volkswagen’s electrical SUV, the ID.4, costs the exact same as the T-Roc. ID.4 is not just peaceful, quick, airless and inexpensive per kilometer, however likewise more large.

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Volkswagen T-Roc

But as mentioned prior to: not everybody is comfy with brand-new advancements which provides the T-Roc its right to exist. And test drive, a ” R Line”, it’s entirely regular! There is no keyless gain access to, however the doors are opened by pushing the remote control. The engine is not begun with a button, however by putting the type in the ignition and turning it into an old-fashioned one. The T-Roc comes requirement with a six-speed handbook transmission.

For this test, the most inexpensive engine on the catalog was picked: TSI 1.0, which benefits 110 hp/ 220 Nm. It’s clear from the holler that this is a three-cylinder, however it does not trouble. In addition, the three-cylinder is vibrant and nevertheless excited that the driver must take care with the clutch pedal! The ” 1.0 TSI” it is not just amazing, however likewise effective, since even with 4 individuals on board, the efficiency is exceptional.

After a great week of driving on numerous paths, the test usage was available in at 5.2 liters per 100 km, which is precisely in line with the usage guaranteed by Volkswagen. For an automobile with no sort of electrical support (” hybrid”) that’s cool. There are SUVs with greater power that utilize more in practice!

Volkswagen T-Roc


Technically, the T-Roc is the SUV variation of the Golf. A bigger body boosts weight and a taller develop boosts the center of mass. In theory, for that reason, the T-Roc ought to have a better (and more secure!) subroad than the Golf. In practice, nevertheless, the distinction is little and for an SUV the handling is even above average. Like the Golf, the T-Roc is neither excessively comfy nor extremely stylish, however someplace in between.

This makes the T-Roc not amazing or tough to drive, however practical, safe and above all really steady.

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Volkswagen T-Roc


Volkswagen T-Roc has actually remained in the marketplace given that2017 Ever since, the world (of cars) has actually altered and Volkswagen has actually released numerous other designs in the market. Technically, the T-Roc has actually been surpassed by the Volkswagen ID.4, which costs the very same and is likewise more roomy, comfy to drive and simple to utilize.

However, Volkswagen still sees the future of the T-Roc, due to the fact that not everybody is served by contemporary shenanigans. Since Volkswagen does not invest greatly in combustion engines, existing engines are just fine-tuned. The T-Roc’s development remains in devices, security functions and interior design The T-Roc is contemporary, however not ingenious. In other words: a lot more than in the past, the T-Roc deals a trusted and dependable trip.


  • Good care
  • Spacious and useful


  • More costly to purchase and after that utilize an electrical automobile

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