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Behind the scenes, the production of electrical designs of Peugeot

Ruesselsheim am Main, August 24, 2022

Due to energy modifications and the boost in electrical designs, #Peugeot and the whole #Stellantis Group are increasing the variety of specialists certified to put together and deal with electrical lorries. Their locations of obligation consist of battery assembly and screening. Specialists represent quality, among the most crucial worths of the Peugeot brand name. They get unique training prior to being sent out to European automobile factory in Spain, Slovakia and France. Each battery is evaluated for reliability, efficiency and life expectancy. Batteries are set up in Peugeot electrical designs and plug-in #hybrids in addition to light #commercial automobiles.

Peugeot’s electrification sped up even more in 2022 with the brand-new Peugeot408 Together with the Peugeot 308 and 100 percent electrical light business automobiles (LCV), the Peugeot 408 enhances the Peugeot hybrid variety. In 2022, more than 70 percent of Peugeot designs offered worldwide will be amazed. In the very same year, electrical designs of the Lion brand name represented one in every 4 automobile (cars) in Europe. In 2021 it was still 1 in 6 cars.

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By 2025, all Peugeot designs will be used with an electrical variation. For this function, the variety of batteries produced will increase substantially. Peugeot prepares to produce approximately 10,000 batteries monthly for automobile and as much as 7,000 batteries monthly for light industrial automobiles (LCV) by next year.

Peugeot’s certified technical group requires about 60 minutes to put together a 50 kilowatt-hour battery with pre-assembled cells and parts. 90 minutes are needed for big 75 kilowatt-hour batteries. The group puts each battery through a series of important tests. Each battery comes with an 8-year #warranty or a 160,000 km guarantee at 70 percent of its charge capability.

The entire test procedure takes 15 minutes and you need to get rid of the battery for connection. Process in information …

  • The very first test imitates battery use in an automobile to inspect reliability.
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  • An efficiency test worries the battery at complete power.
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  • The last test is the seal test. The battery is pressurized with gas to look for pressure loss and leak. A great seal avoids #water or #dirt from getting in the battery and impacting battery life or efficiency.
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Trained workers operate in 5 plants of the Stellantis Group in specialized battery assembly workshops: Vigo & Zaragoza in Spain, Trnava in Slovakia, Sochaux and Mulhouse and quickly likewise Hordain in France. Electric cars and cars with standard #combustion engines are linked to the very same engines.

The specialists who check and put together the batteries in Peugeot cars originate from Stellantis plants. They are picked on the basis of their capability in the field of electrical power and get a one-month expert training.

Jérôme Micheron, Peugeot Product Director: “The electrification of Peugeot’s item variety has actually succeeded: #LEV designs, called ‘Limited Production Vehicles’, represented one in 4 #cars offered in Europe in the very first half of 2022”.

Peugeot is enhancing its series of electrical cars in2022 The brand-new Peugeot 408 will be readily available after launch with 2 Plug In #Hybrid variations 180 hp (132 kW) and 225 hp (165 kW).

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