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New Bentley Bentayga S on the German highway. Just how much can you leave it? (video)

Among them is, obviously, a popular British maker. Bentley Bentayga S are his crucial efficiencies. It integrates a stylish character with excellent efficiency, which numerous prospective competitors will not have the ability to discover.

It’s clear that this design provided the business a huge money injection. Fans were lining up for him. This state of affairs continues to this day. As it is understood, in times of crisis … the wealthiest get richer. The level of sales of the provided automobile is for that reason a minimum of acceptable

-LRB- Bentley Bentayga S on the German highway

It deserves discussing here what differentiates the “S” type. It follows from the info supplied by the maker, there is 15 percent more difficult than other options In addition, it has a somewhat various setup of the cruise control system (ESC) and an active system that keeps an eye on body rotation.

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Most essential, nevertheless, is the drive system. At the heart is a 4 liter, twin-charged fuel V8. It offers 550 horse power and 770 Newton meters optimum torque.

Although the weight of the vehicle is around 2.5 loads, the efficiency is extremely satisfying. It takes just 4.5 seconds to go to a hundred and the optimum speed is 290 km/ h. Movements can be utilized in excellent conditions.

Bentley Bentayga S on the German highway. Just how much can you leave it? (video)

A popular YouTuber chose to inspect if the technical information is managed in truth. Bentley Bentayga S struck the German highway without any speed limitation. What came out of it? The following video supplies the response.

How much is the Bentley Bentayga S?? Well, standing apart expenses cash. Thinking about the big list of alternatives, you need to think about the expense of more than a million zlotys. Standard copies (seldom produced) expense about PLN 900,000

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