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On Wednesday afternoon, August 17, assessment conferences in between city authorities and designers were accepted locals of the 2 estates Różnówka and Rapy in Biłgoraj. They were worried about the prepare for the healing of these locations. What were the ideas?

We welcomed you to the conference recently, in a short article entitled They will satisfy in Nowakowski Park and on the play area. For what?

The city authorities welcomed the citizens of Biłgoraj to provide their viewpoint on the strategies to restore the property estates of Różnówka and Rapy. It was to gather viewpoints, concepts and viewpoints from homeowners, while the social assessment of the Municipal Revitalization Plan for the Municipality of the City of Biłgoraj for 2022-2028 is continuous.

Experts from Stowarzyszenie Wspierania Inicjatyw Gospodarczych Delta Partner and agents of city governments, consisting of mayors Janusz Rosłan and Jarosław Bondyra consulted with locals in Nowakowski Park, the 2nd conference was held at the play area at ul. Switzerland.

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As Artur Kubica from the Association of Delta Partners for the Support of Economic Planning described, the city, when signing up with the revitalization procedure, needed to do a comprehensive study of the whole location to select a location with undesirable socio-economic signs. — This is a required condition to be able to think about the location as harmed and, for that reason, to be able to prepare rehab jobs. These conferences are essential due to the fact that we wish to ask citizens who live here to send remarks that will be consisted of in the file— states Artur Kubica.

In the case of Nowakowski Park, it will be really crucial to maintain the heritage and regard the history connected with this location. Locals who existed at the conference firmly insisted that it be a location that, above all, will use the possibility of serene rest. It was proposed to develop a theater or home entertainment location in this location. There was likewise a proposition to fence the location. Some locals recommended bring back historical work, consisting of restoring a bridge, a garden enthusiast’s home or a theater. Homeowners likewise recommended that the location needs to be booked for cultural occasions, however not always those associated to sound. — This location needs to be for culture, not home entertainment— originated from the lips of the lovers who firmly insisted that the revival of Nowakowski Park need to be targeted at developing something like a small Łazienki Królewskie in Warsaw.

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During the conference in the Rapy location, more down-to-earth suggestions were made. Homeowners anticipate locations that will facilitate their combination or spending quality time with kids outside. They recommended developing a play ground, an outside health club or a play area with benches and a location to feed the kids. Among the propositions that can considerably impact the convenience of homeowners is the setup of sound barriers due to the distance of train lines.

All concepts have actually been conserved and will be consisted of in the production of the file, which need to be all set in the 3rd quarter of this year. There is still time to voice your viewpoint. City authorities will be gathering concepts at the end of August.

— Social voice in the context of animation is definitely necessary– Artur Kubica discussed it quickly.

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