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New BMW 3 Series Compact with V12 engine from BMW 850 CSi

A Norwegian tuner has actually implanted a huge cars heart in a compact three-door. The outcome is a real sleeper that puts out 400 horse power.

There was a time when BMW’s advancement department explored in relatively unreasonable area. Particularly when planting especially thick engines in tandem, these engines do not truly fit them. Think about Goldfisch’s deceptive job, as part of which they seriously squeezed a V16 engine into the body of the 7 Series E32 generation in Munich. In 2001, Hans-Joachim “Strietzel” Stuck ran past the Nürburgring Nordschleife in an insane time of 7 minutes 49 seconds with a BMW X5 V12 Le Mans simply as insane. Hanging a V12 engine in the front of the very first 3 Series compact didn’t even make BMW engineers believe that they were on the brink of insanity. SS Performance/ Sport Auto/ Tarjei Christiansen

Thanks to M-Styling, the 3-Series Compact looks stylish. You do not see his power as a bear.

But that’s alright, after all there are some car-savvy individuals outside Bavaria who tend to be big-headed. Take Norway. Tuner Tarjei Christiansen, head of SS Performance and item expert at BMW M GmbH, who lives southeast of the capital Oslo, asked himself on a warm day about 16 years ago what to do with a BMW 316 i Compact from 1994 The E36 series should. And developed the concept simply detailed, changing the rather leisurely 102- horse power 1.6-liter four-cylinder with the engine from the BMW 850 CSi.

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5.6-liter V12 rather of 1.6-liter R4

Its crucial information: twelve V-shaped cylinders with an overall displacement of 5.6 liters! Even the factory-delivered 380 hp wasn’t enough for Christiansen to utilize the compact E36 for brand-new applications. The Norwegians took some undefined actions to get about 400 hp from the CSi engine. The brand-new exhaust system most likely played a huge function because. Christiansen calls the noise of the engine so “surreal” that you need to experience it on your own.

BMW 316i Compact (E36) with V12 engine SS Performance/ Sport Auto/ Tarjei Christiansen

The ideal fit: Where the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine slept previously, now the 5.6-liter V12 rules supreme.

In order to adjust the biggest engine used by BMW at the time to the tiniest Munich design of the time, more significant tuning procedures were needed. Tarjei Christiansen took apart the 3 Series Compact into a bare chassis, fitted some technical parts from the M3 and M Roadster at the time, and provided it substantially larger wheel arches at the back. As an outcome, there is likewise a brand new chassis structure around, that makes the E36 look really wedge-shaped.

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Sleeper with Wedge Chassis

As you can see from the V12 crusher, this is not the tame 316 i Compact in its initial state. He used a complete M bag on him. Neither the very first, 2nd or 3rd glimpse, the titanium-silver-painted BMW has actually exposed what power is concealed in it. It presently rolls on Hartge rims. There’s a little defect in creativity here, as Christiansen initially pushed three-piece air conditioning Schnitzer wheels in 8.5 and 9.5 ×18- inch formats into the cutouts offered.

BMW 316i Compact (E36) with V12 engine SS Performance/ Sport Auto/ Tarjei Christiansen

The control panel and seats are from the BMW M3 E36

Inside, this really unique BMW 3 Series compact is no exaggeration either. Here, nevertheless, he likewise discreetly mean his effectiveness. The control panel and all the seats are from the M3 E36 The stylish design bro has actually likewise contributed wires. Black leather on the within the seats and doors complete the cabin.

Soon you will be investing nearly 30,000 euros?

By the method, Tarjei Christiansen didn’t constantly have a V12- E36 According to him, “there are several owners who have actually made numerous journeys in our narrow nation”. While the cars and truck has actually gone through a great deal of hands throughout this time and has actually now covered 106,000 km, it’s in exceptional condition– and at some time, when the chance emerged, Christiansen got his early task vehicle back. Quickly, the 2 methods might go their different methods once again: the Sleeper is presently for sale on Norwegian secondhand cars and truck platform for 299,000 kroner, which presently corresponds to almost 30,000 euros.

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… absolutely incorrect, in a favorable sense. Technical work of art!

… totally incorrect, in an unfavorable sense. As quickly as the secret is turned, things fly away!

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in conclusion

It takes a great deal of nerve to construct a cars and truck like this. Like purchasing it years later on. German interested celebrations ought to likewise examine in advance the views of TÜV, Dekra and Co. on this conversion. On the other hand, if you purchase a cars and truck from a professional dealership on, you will be entitled to a service warranty of as much as 5 years. You attempt in this circumstance?

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