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New cars will take the elevator to the garage beside the apartment or condo. Even on the 61st flooring!

Developers of the wealthiest homes are attempting to contend in views. Dezer Development, in partnership with Bentley, created the concept that it will drive its clients straight to the house in a limo. It is likewise crucial that the Bentley Residence Miami is a 228 m high structure, nearly like the Palace of Culture in Warsaw with a spire (237 m) and larger than the well-known “ship” standing beside the Palace at Złota 44 (192). m).

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An elevator with the sound name Dezervator (from Dezer and elevator) will be utilized for this. There will be 4 such gadgets in the structure, carrying locals in their cars to any of the 61 floorings. An unique hydraulic system protects the automobile to the tires, pulls it straight to the top of the swing system, which then carries the vehicle up or down. on the proper flooring.

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Bentley for the apartment or condo itself on any flooring

Each of the apartment or condo owners’ cars will get an RIFD sticker label. After evaluating it at the entryway of the structure, the vehicle will be directed to the proper elevator. You do not need to leave the automobile or press any button, whatever takes place as if by magic. The elevator relocates to the ideal flooring, and through the eyes of those being in the automobile get a breathtaking view of the common locations of the structure– the lower flooring of the elevator shaft is glazed.

Bentley Mulliner Batur, the most effective design in the history of the brand name

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After reaching the ideal flooring, the automobile will be reduced into the specific garage for the 3 or 4 cars designated to the home. Bentley is moving with the times, so the parking areas will get electrical expert’s battery chargers. Visitors of Bentley Residence users– family and friends of locals– are likewise not forgotten. They will have the ability to utilize extra parking areas under the structure. The garage will likewise consist of quick charging stations for electrical automobiles and plug-in hybrids.

Apartment rates in Bentley Residences to match the brand name

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What tourist attractions wait for locals of Bentley Residences? Pool on the verandas of the spaces, movie theater in the common location, recreation rooms, day spa, scotch bar, smoking cigarettes lounge. Plus, naturally, a dining establishment with a great lobby. And what do the spaces themselves appear like? The display room will be 557 sq m and will be provided by Bentley Home, a veteran partner of the Bentley Motors brand name and maker of high-end Italian handmade furnishings. The view from the window is really intriguing. Look at all these wonders– we reveal them in images in the gallery.

Prices appropriate for high-end– they begin at $ 4.2 million and definitely for houses on the ground flooring, as it is understood– in those structures, the greatest, the most costly.


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