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New Chevrolet El Camino– A cult cars and truck with an immigrant background

Possibly the most not practical cars and truck worldwide … I frantically desire one!

The “sedan pickup” is a fantastic specific niche in the American auto market with a similarly fantastic cultural identity. Plus, they’re simply unbearably cool.

Oliver Baroni


Is it … a cars and truck?
Is it … a pickup?

Image: eBay

Do not, This is an EL CAMINO!

Image: Mecca

I am extremely lured.

Would enjoy to do this to me.By “something” I suggest a Chevrolet El Camino.Preferably a year in between 1968 and 1970

Well, my temptation might not be acted on anytime quickly, as the worth of these design years has actually increased a lot recently that a purchase might run out the concern. Such Göppel Possibly the most impractical cars and truck principle ever seen in Europe: front seats and a big open load location in the back hi, in my existing “non-practical” vehicle, a 1966 Chevrolet Impala, there’s a lot of space for 6 individuals to corner conveniently, and there’s space for them in the spacious trunk a number of remains the matching luggage allowance. And El Camino? None– this, although the external measurements are practically similar. Naturally, you can carry a lot in the back of the filling location … so long It’s not drizzling and you most likely should not run out the vehicle for too long or whatever in the back will be taken.

however view it:

Image: curling

Isn’t this the coolest vehicle ever?

OK, I’ll go. Some context is required here. The concerns to respond to are: Why is there an automobile with a sedan in the front and a pickup truck in the back?

The Chevrolet El Camino is most likely the most well-known exponent of the really specific niche cars and truck classification that started in 1957 as a competitor to Ford, ford rancher:


Ford Rancher– “More than simply an automobile! More than simply a truck! “

Source: flickr/james vaughan/ flickr/james vaughan

” Not simply an automobile! More than simply a truck! “ Ford’s marketing department revealed at the time (quickly to be called “service ahead, celebration behind”– The mullet of the vehicle world rather).

Such a sedan pickup(Chevrolet then presented the El Camino in 1959.) It was reasonably simple and inexpensive for automobile business to develop. Existing platforms from the existing middle class series are utilized. In Ford it was the Custom 300 and Fairlaine, in Chevrolet it was Brookwood and later on Chevelle. The engine stays the very same, approximately and consisting of the bodywork of the very first row of seats.

Image: wikicommons

For the sake of efficiency, it should be discussed that a comparable idea has actually existed because the 1920 s, with variations all over the world (VW Golf Pickup and Co.). In Australia, the very first from 1930 ” Practical Coupe”— automobile, normally ” Ute” understood as, still really popular today.

rancher el camino It is no coincidence that both significant business have actually picked Spanish names for their particular designs. in the 2001 motion picture ” Mexican” There’s a scene where Brad Pitt grumbles to a Mexican automobile rental business that his brand new Chrysler isn’t especially “genuine.” The rental cars and truck supervisor: “Aha. Clearly– they desire an EL CAMINO! “

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In truth, the marketing arm of Ford and GM does target the big Mexican and South American immigrant neighborhoods in the American Southwest and West Coast. A big part of these populations operate in farming and therefore require a vehicle with a packing platform– however they likewise desire something that makes trap exports on weekends.

Image: wikicommons

Therefore, such sedan pickup, as formally specified, is readily available in different trim levels.Like the Chevelle and Impala design lines, the Chevy El Camino likewise has a sports variation extremely sports Variants producing approximately 450 hp.

Image: Mecca

Image: Barrett Jackson

The automobile classification has actually succeeded for the past 20 years, although it has actually constantly been a specific niche item. The Ford Ranchero lasted till 1979 and the Chevrolet El Camino up until 1987. At the very same time, cars lessened and federal government limitations and security requirements for automobile (the El Camino and Ranchero were thought about to be the case due to the fact that they were based upon automobile platforms) made these designs It is significantly unappealing from a producer’s viewpoint. Specialized “light trucks” such as those presented in Japan should satisfy less rigid emissions and fuel economy requirements.

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Image: bringatrailer

Image: bringatrailer

Today, big-bore 4 × 4 trucks control the streets of the American Southwest, however they do sedan pickup from in 2015 Enjoy an enormous following today specifically amongst the Chicanos in America, the El Camino has actually increased to end up being a genuine cultural icon in addition to the impala.

Image: curling

In Europe you barely see such a vehicle– for the factors discussed at the start. If you discover one from time to time, you need to take your hat off: regard.

Now I go to Bringatrailer and type “El Camino” in the search field No, do not do that, Oliver!

Chevrolet El Camino– A cult automobile with an immigrant background


Chevrolet El Camino– A cult automobile with an immigrant background

Source: wikicommons/wikicommons

” I’m Sick”– Toggi and Baroni in Polestar Test Drive

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