New Chevrolet Spark, Fiat Panda, Toyota Aygo or Kia Picanto? Which city cars and truck will be an excellent option

The insolvency of Daewoo implied that the rights to the design were taken control of by the GM issue, thanks to which a number of cars were still produced, however under various names– you can purchase the automobile revealed here as Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet Matiz or Daewoo Matiz. (depending upon where it originated from).

However, who counts the most affordable cost, ought to have an interest in Matiz of the 1st generation– the provided vehicle is not so easy. It can be stated that there is a factor: this design runs properly and does not suffer from damage.

Rust begins to trouble, however just in older cars, some flaws are little things (for instance, associated to the electrical system) that can be gotten rid of inexpensively and quickly. In addition, the disappearance of Daewoo and Chevrolet from our market indicates that the accessibility of initial parts will reduce.

The body is less than 3.5 meters long, so it is much better not to anticipate an unbelievable quantity of area in the interior (case capability: 170 l). We suggest picking a big system of 1.0– it is much better and less immediate than 0.8.

We like:

Five-door body, great toughness (1.0 ), acceptable fuel intake (about 6 l/ 100 km).

We do not like this:

Often really bad devices, minimal option of cars, possible rust (older cars).

Fiat Panda II (2003-12)

Recommended variations: 1.1-1.2 R4/ 54-60 KM; rate from PLN 6,500

The Panda can show to be a great option: it has an excellent price-age ratio and is an effective style. Naturally, households with only kids (or without kids) will consider this automobile adequate for their requirements, however still– for a cars and truck with a length of 3.5 m– the interior is well prepared, and the trunk is 206 liters, which is one of the most in our list.

The rear seats can be 2- or 3-set– the latter is intriguing since it can be moved and the interior is challenging to bring 5 individuals. Some might be troubled by the somewhat prolonged center console (no legroom), however the high-position equipment lever is a simple service.

Petrol engines are 1.1 or 1.2 systems– comparable in regards to building and efficiency, although the larger one is, naturally, more fascinating. The typical fuel usage is not interesting (about 7 l/ 100 km), however the easy style and low-cost parts imply low repair and maintenance expenses. Common Problems? Front suspension, brake and use clutch.

Aesthetic board, but after many years the quality of materials is not very high.  Electric assisted vehicles also have a City function.  The back seat, seen in the picture, slides.  Colored upholstery is a common addition.

Aesthetic board, however after several years the quality of products is not really high. Electric assisted lorries likewise have a City function. The rear seats, seen in the photo, slides. Colored upholstery is a common addition.

We like:

A range of copies, a practical 5-door body, excellent schedule of extra parts.

We do not like this:

Lots of broken cars with post business history, bad devices for numerous copies.

Toyota Aygo I (2005-14)

Recommended variation: 1.0 R3/ 68 KM; rate from PLN 9,900

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Toyota, like Citroën and Peugeot, is built in the Czech Republic, in a specially built factory.

Toyota, like Citroën and Peugeot, is integrated in the Czech Republic, in a specifically developed factory.

The operation was uncommon, however it succeeded: the client has actually recuperated and is succeeding! In 2005, sales of the triplets started: Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo.

We provide the most popular Toyota Aygo, however the brand name does not matter at all, as technically the cars are comparable and vary just in style. The Citroen C1 crashed by Euro NCAP got 4 stars– the very best of the cars revealed here.

In addition to diesel, all cars have the very same (without choice), three-cylinder engine of Japanese origin. The part ends up being enjoyable and affordable, although the work culture is not unexpected, however the bad soundproofing of the cabin is likewise accountable for this.

In basic, it can be seen that the designers concentrated on simpleness– the cockpit has lots of metal surface areas, and the devices is not extremely abundant (although, for instance, 2 out of 3 Toyota cars offered have cooling). Toughness ends up being great– when it comes to gasoline, there is absolutely nothing to fear.

The clutch can wear really rapidly, however the entire set expenses PLN 400 (replacement). In addition, little products (eg door locks) stop working.

Modern design, good ergonomics, but without madness and quality.  Two-seater sofa, small space - less space in front than in Panda

Modern style, great ergonomics, however without insanity and quality. Two-seater couch, little area– less area in front than in Panda

We like:

Choice of body (3d/ 5d), cost-effective engine 1.0 (5-7 l/ 100 km), low upkeep expenses.

We do not like this:

Simple surface and devices, typical engine noise (3 cylinders), rather pricey purchase.

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Kia Picanto I (2004-11)

Recommended variations: 1.0-1.1 R4/ 62-65 KM; cost from PLN 7,300

A typical city car.  4-cylinder petrol or diesel R3 under the hood

A common city vehicle. 4-cylinder gas or diesel R3 under the hood

Ten years back, Kia’s credibility wasn’t as great as it is today, therefore the Picanto didn’t get much acknowledgment. This does not imply, nevertheless, that there are no benefits– the 3.5-meter body is well arranged, although naturally you can not depend on wonders (the trunk is 157 l).

The rear seats (split) can be 2- or 3-seater, there are likewise vans without a bed. An intriguing function that cheers up the interior is the two-tone upholstery. The standard variations had a single cushion and no power steering.

Petrol tanks are great, 1.1 will be much better on the roadway. Problems consist of, to name a few, damaged ABS rings and timing equipments on the crankshaft that can loosen up.

We like:

Five-door body, basic, rather cost-effective engines, great maneuverability, not the worst quality.

We do not like this:

Mediocre devices, lots of worn systems, worst accessibility of parts.

In our viewpoint

Delivered automobiles ensure low expense.

Driving any of the children explained here does not include a high threat of a pricey flaw, however you can’t rely on the pleasure of driving.


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