New Citroën: range update for the ë-C4 / new features for the plug-in hybrid

The Citroën ë-C4, another electric model from the Stellantis Group, now has a longer range – with one difference compared to the others. In addition, the brand has added a new feature to the PHEV model, the C5 Aircross Hybrid, intended to increase the proportion of electric driving.

Following recent technical improvements to other e-CMP models, the ë-C4’s WLTP range has increased by 7 km to 357 km. The standard range has only been increased by 2%, the increase here is smaller, and other models can be increased by up to 8% with the update. However, Citroen says the range in real-world use should increase by almost 30km, depending on operating conditions.

One reason for the Citroën’s low range plus: In the announcement, the brand listed only two of the three measures it implemented in other models. In the future, the ë-C4 will also feature altered gear ratios and a new heat pump for more precise control using an internal humidity sensor. However, the French made no mention of switching to more efficient tires with the A+ label – as a Citroen spokesperson reconfirmed when asked by Telegraph that the ë-C4 has been fitted with A+ low-drag tires since its launch. In our December 2020 driving report, we’ve pointed out various efficiency measures for the only compact e-CMP vehicle.

The 100 kW electric motor and 50 kWh battery remain unchanged. Stellantis has previously reported increased range on the Peugeot models e-208 and e-2008 as well as the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense and later the Opel Stromer Corsa-e and Mokka-e. Since these models are not yet equipped with A+ tires, the potential for increased range is even greater.

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Citroen has also updated its PHEV model, the C5 Aircross Hybrid – here’s our driving report. Since October, their vehicles have notified their users in France and the UK if they are not regularly charged. The “plug-in reminder” is installed via an OTA update and, according to the announcement, is designed to help customers “optimize the performance of their plug-in hybrids and further reduce their environmental impact.”

Specifically, the message appears on the infotainment display for five days or ten times without charge — once a day. If the vehicle has not been charged for 30 days, the notification will appear twice a day. However, beyond the information field, this function has no further consequences. The feature will be rolled out in other countries in early 2022 and will also be available in the C5 X plug-in hybrid in the future.

Citroen says 55 percent of the Citroen PHEV’s range of less than 40 kilometers is purely electric. On average, customers charge their vehicles once or twice every 100 kilometers – the C5 Aircross Hybrid has a standard range of 55 kilometers.

While “plug-in reminders” are aimed more at individual drivers — whether private or commercial — Citroen has also introduced “PHEV Connect,” a service aimed at fleet managers. The system relies on the Citroën Connect Box to transmit telematics data about the vehicle. This should enable fleet managers to receive precise information about operations and initiate “measures affecting driving behaviour”. With data such as charging frequency, percentage usage of electric or hybrid operation, and fuel consumption, they should be able to reduce overall operating costs. To this end, “PHEV Connect” has a function to calculate potential savings through better driving behavior and higher charging frequency.


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