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New Current recall project for “automobile/ light industrial cars”: An across the country caution has actually been provided for this CITROEN item!

CITROEN is remembering items from its variety. You can check out here which items are impacted and why they are being remembered.

Did you understand that in Germany, according to the Product Liability Act, every maker is required to caution about the dangers occurring from their items in order to prevent the so-called “damage to 3rd parties”? This can be done by a keep in mind with a caution.
For Flying, area traveler CITROEN provided a security caution on September 23,2022 We provide an item from the UK with a danger cautioning printed on it in more information.

Note in CITROEN: These designs are impacted

Kinds of items Passenger Cars/ Light Commercial Vehicles from the classification cars were presented to the marketplace by CITROEN, where the cautioning just uses to designs V, e22007/46053017, e22007/46053019 from Flying, area traveler is utilized. Malfunctioning items were made in between 01/20/2022– 01/28/2022 The item is referred to as: “Passenger Car/Light Commercial Vehicle”

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Where precisely does the item alerting originated from?

The following processed info originates from the “Rapid Exchange of Information System” (abbreviation: RAPEX). This is the European fast alert system for customer security, where details from member nations about unsafe or possibly hazardous customer items can be exchanged. The European Commission releases a weekly report on present RAPEX notices, which are summed up on the Internet.

Product note: danger of injury

For Flying, area traveler the caution type “Risk of injury” is utilized, with the best threat being presumed for the post according to the caution level. RAPEX explains the alert level in more information. It states here: “The item does not comply with the guidelines on the approval and market monitoring of cars and vehicle trailers as well as systems, parts and various technical systems that are planned for these lorries.” The maker himself reported: “The rear brake might be faulty, which might trigger a loss of braking performance, which might increase the danger of a mishap.”

Product recall in Germany– what now?

Concrete steps are presently being taken in reaction to the item caution. The items are now being remembered by customers. What does that mean for you? The initial step is, obviously, to stop utilizing the item. You can then return the returned item to the location of purchase. As a guideline, you do not require an invoice for this and you will be paid the purchase cost. You can discover various treatments from the business or the sales department. Other nations have actually likewise released cautions– such as France, Croatia and Poland.

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Product description at a glimpse

item example types production time keep in mind the guidelines Installation upc code
Flying, area traveler V, e22007/46053017, e22007/46053019 01/20/2022– 01/28/2022 not defined not defined not defined

For more details on item cautions, see here

Immediate action in case of instant risk

Minor injuries are generally safe and can be dealt with by normal individuals. It normally recovers with no problems within 10 days. through the ideal ones First Aid Measures the injury can be secured from infection and recovery can be supported. Major or deep injuries, on the other hand, need to be treated with healthcare as quickly as possible 112 care; if the medical emergency situation is immediate however not deadly, the emergency situation number will assist 116117 There you can access healthcare on call and the primary workplace will notify you of the call approaches in your location.

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+++ Editorial note: This text was instantly produced on the basis of existing RAPEX information. If you have any remarks or concerns, please contact +++

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