New Despite the historical low water in the Rhine, Ford transportation ships continue to call at the port, Gütsel Online, OWL straight.

A cruise liner on the Rhine brings Cologne-produced Ford Fiesta designs to the port of Antwerp. Picture: Ford Werke GmbH

Despite historical low water in the Rhine, Ford transportation ships continue to call at the port

Cologne, August 17, 2022

  • Despite traditionally low water levels in the Rhine, Ford fleets continue to provide Ford Fiesta designs to ports in Belgium and the Netherlands.
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  • The influence on Ford devices is restricted, the ship’s load is minimized to 30 percent due to the low water level, however the frequency of the trip boosts.
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  • Ford ships 40 percent of Cologne production, 5 shipping vessels with a capability of around 500 Fiestas each remain in usage.
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  • Only 2 centimeters were missing on Tuesday early morning in Cologne from the historical low water record. In October 2018, the level of the Rhine here was 69 cm– the most affordable worth ever determined. Now it is 71 cm.
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The present water level of the Rhine is a crucial aspect for Ford devices specialists. About 40 percent of the Ford Fiesta designs produced in Cologne are transferred on the Rhine. They show up on 5 transportation ships, each of which can fill around 500 Ford Fiestas, to the ports of Antwerp in Belgium and Vlissingen in the Netherlands. Here the Fiesta systems are packed onto big container ships to provide European markets, however likewise to remote locations such as Australia, Hong Kong or Taiwan. About three-quarters of Fiesta production is predestined for export to 49 nations.

The Rhine is for that reason a really essential ways of transport for Ford and was likewise among the primary reasons that business creator Henry Ford chose to construct his brand-new factory in Cologne in1930 What does the traditionally low water level indicate for the vehicle maker Cologne in these hot summer season days? “The results are very little for us,” states Christian Weingärtner, Managing Director of Marketing and Sales at #Ford Werke GmbH. “Our devices is well prepared.”

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Already in the week prior to completion, when the level of the Rhine in Cologne fell listed below the one-meter mark, Ford professionals started to change their freight ships. They decreased the Fiesta delivered by 30 to 40 systems per fleet and hence minimized the draft on the carriers. In any case, the water level in the right channel of the Rhine is one meter greater than the defined water level. With a Rhine level of 70 cm, the load on Ford’s transportation fleet must be lowered to 30 percent, i.e. to 150 systems. “We charge less, however it increases the frequency of journeys,” discusses Weingärtner. “Our procedures are steady and we can continue to provide our clients in Europe and beyond utilizing basic ways of transportation.”

Because of the low level of the Rhine, Ford does not need to alter #trucks or train transportation. In all possibility, it will stay so. Due to the topographical conditions, a level of less than 70 centimeters from the bottom of the river from Cologne is practically difficult from the perspective of Ford devices specialists.

The parts that Ford requires for the production of the Fiesta do not concern Cologne by ship. Appropriately, the water level of the Rhine has no result on the circulation of parts in production. Even if the procedures at Ford are just a little impacted by the low water level in the Rhine, CEO Weingärtner expects something above all in the next couple of days: “It will drizzle appropriately once again.”

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Ford works GmbH

Ford Werke GmbH is a German vehicle maker and movement providers based in Cologne.

The business utilizes around 19,800 individuals at its areas in Cologne, Saarlouis and Aachen. Because it was established in 1925, Ford plants have actually produced more than 47 million automobiles.


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