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Salzgitter Aktiengesellschaft: Volkswagen and Salzgitter AG accept provide low-CO2 steel from completion of 2025

03/21/2022/ 11: 00
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Volkswagen AG and Salzgitter AG accept provide CO 2— Inferior steel from completion of 2025

Salzgitter AG prepares to begin CO production 2— Low steel for brand-new production path from completion of2025 Anticipated CO 2— The power conserving result after the improvement is finished: more than 95%.
The Volkswagen Group wants to turn into one of the very first significant commercial purchasers in the very same year.
Both business prepare to develop a closed steel product loop in between the Salzgitter and Wolfsburg plants.
Murat Aksel, member of the Volkswagen Group Procurement Management Board: “Through the so-called green steel and recycling cycle, we will make Volkswagen’s supply chain a lot more eco-friendly in the future.”
Gunnar Groebler, CEO of Salzgitter AG: “Our joint job is a fine example of a brand-new method of interacting.”

Wolfsburg/Salzgitter, 21 March2022 Volkswagen AG and Salzgitter AG have had a close collaboration for over 60 years. Now, both celebrations wish to begin a brand-new chapter in the decarbonization of their procedures and items together.Today, the 2 business are interacting a joint declaration of intent that will make Volkswagen among CO’s very first clients 2 Salzgitter AG prepares to begin producing low-grade steel on a brand-new production path at its head office in Lower Saxony from completion of2025 According to Salzgitter AG, based upon hydrogen and renewable resource, more than 95% CO2 2— Reduce emissions from steel production.Volkswagen Group prepares to minimize co2 emissions 2— Use of lean steel in crucial future tasks such as E-model Trinity from completion of 2025 1 will be produced in Wolfsburg in2026

For the masses, lowering co2 2— Emissions in the supply chain is a core part as part of the goTOzero Group method to slowly end up being a movement provider with an environment neutral balance sheet by2050 Producers follow the so-called location analysis approach: it concentrates on CO 2— Reduction of emissions that generally happen in the car production procedure. This is specifically real of steel, with the exception of the battery-electric drivetrain and aluminum components.In future tasks such as Trinity– the next generation of totally linked electrical automobiles to be integrated in Wolfsburg in 2026– utilize co2 2— Therefore, the decrease of steel makes a pertinent contribution to the enhancement of CO 2— Achieve general balance.By completion of 2022, both celebrations wish to obtain amounts for CO 2— Inferior steel for the duration 2025 to 2030, concurred in the agreement.

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For its part, Salzgitter AG is devoted to executing the “SALCOS– Salzgitter Low CO” change strategy 2– Steelmaking” on the roadway, CO 2— Significantly lower emissions from steel production. The steel and innovation group wishes to utilize a brand-new production path to produce steel with green hydrogen and renewable resource compared to utilizing carbon-based blast heating systems to produce pig iron. To this end, hydrogen electrolyzers, direct decrease systems and electrical heating systems are being integrated in Salzgitter. Steelmakers wish to slowly lower CO2 emissions by 2033 2— Emissions decreased by more than 95%. This suggests 1% of all CO in Germany 2— Avoid emissions.

Cooperation in between the 2 business on so-called “green steel” has currently begun.Last year, Volkswagen managed CO sample volumes for the very first time 2— Reduced steel from the Salzgitter Group. This is produced on Peine’s scrap electrical steel path with a 66% decrease in CO2 2– footprint. Volkswagen prepares to buy another 3,000 lots this year.

Another part of the joint arrangement intends to develop a closed steel product loop in between Volkswagen’s primary plant in Wolfsburg and its incorporated steel plant in Salzgitter. The Volkswagen Group provides surplus steel from the production procedure to Salzgitter, which melts it, processes it into brand-new steel items, and ships it to Wolfsburg for automobile production. Efforts are being made to extend this steel “closed loop” to other Volkswagen Group production websites.

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Murat Aksel, Member of the Volkswagen Group Procurement Board, highlights the tactical significance of the cooperation: “Procurement has actually long been a definitive consider the Volkswagen Group’s relocation towards CO2. 2– neutral. We want to attain this objective by 2050 at the latest.Some of the items we produce are currently stabilized to co2 2— Neutral– eg ID.3 produced in Zwickau. In regards to decarbonisation, the shift to electrical automobiles has actually substantially increased the value of business procurement: when it comes to Golf, the supply chain formerly represented 17% of CO2 2 Emissions are IDs accountable for the whole life process. 3 currently 42%. To even more enhance CO 2 The usage of products– specifically raw steel– plays a main function in the balance sheet.

Use of C0 2– Reduction of steel is a crucial action in this, as is the recycling of scrap steel. With the so-called green steel and recycling cycle, we will make Volkswagen’s supply chain even greener in the future. “

Gunnar Groebler, CEO of Salzgitter AG, invited the growth of the long-lasting cooperation with Volkswagen, integrating this essential style into the future: “The decarbonization of society and the economy can just succeed if strong partners collaborate. Our joint job is a A fine example of this brand-new method of operating– circular economy with closed circulation of recyclable products. The physical distance of steel and vehicle production is another, likewise environmental, plus the cooperation of this program. By offering green steel and By recycling steel residues in vehicle production, we support our long-lasting client Volkswagen in accomplishing its environment objectives. This is another extremely concrete action towards broadening and reinforcing the marketplace structure of a circular economy.”

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About Volkswagen AG:
Headquartered in Wolfsburg, the Volkswagen Group is among the world’s leading car manufacturers and the biggest in Europe. The group has 10 core brand names from 7 European nations: Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi, Seat, Cupra, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Automobile vary from little cars to high-end cars. Ducati provides bikes. In the field of light and heavy business automobiles, the variety begins with pickups and encompasses buses and heavy trucks. Worldwide, roughly 672,800 workers make items, carry out vehicle-related services or operate in other service locations. The Volkswagen Group offers its lorries in 153 nations.

In 2021, worldwide shipments of the Group’s lorries were 8.9 million (2020: 9.3 million). Group sales in 2021 totaled up to EUR 250.2 billion (2020: EUR 222.9 billion). After-tax incomes in 2021 were EUR 15.4 billion (2020: EUR 8.8 billion).

About Salzgitter:
Salzgitter AG is among Europe’s leading steel and innovation groups with external sales of around EUR 9 billion, more than 24,000 staff members and almost 160 domestic and worldwide subsidiaries and affiliates. It is divided into flat steel, plate/section steel, mannesmann, trade and technical departments. The flat steel field produces a range of top quality unique steel and brand name steel for requiring consumer fields such as the automobile market, and is a global leader in the field of decarbonization of steel production.

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