New Electric Fiat 500 with self-driving functions– how does it work?

Great spirit– in the brand-new electrical variation, the Fiat 500 integrates the apparent design of its predecessors with future-proof innovation. Example: sophisticated security systems understood up until now from high-end cars.

We reside in a time when cars– like computer systems– can be updated, and producers focus more on software than mechanics. This accompanies the vehicle market’s shift towards electrical drives, which are structurally easier than combustion engines.

All this is altering the face of cars, not simply more costly. Together with digitalization, the “transfer” of high-end options to low-end lorries sped up substantially. Formerly, it was required to wait on several years for the systems discovered in limos (for instance, ABS, audio control and navigation) to discover their method into inexpensive cars. Today, cars vary in size, however not always in devices– for the advantage of convenience and security.

Advanced support group enabled the brand-new “500” to get a high score of 4 stars in Euro NCAP tests.

An example is the electrical Fiat 500, which integrates an effective electrical vehicle with high-performance security systems– the so-called. to support. They can be divided into 2 groups: some to avoid and guarantee that a mishap does not take place, and others to assist the driver in safe driving, and at the very same time minimize his tiredness.

Fiat 500 BEV: active security systems

The very first group consists of options understood from big cars:

  • complimentary standing(requirement for all Fiat 500 BEV devices variations)– immediately triggers the brakes when it spots a barrier, for instance from another vehicle; it is likewise responsive to pedestrians and bicyclists;-LRB-
  • blind area control system(basic devices of the La Prima variation), which notifies about automobiles discovered in the so-called blind mirrors– and is extremely helpful in the city, where, throughout a fast lane modification, you might not see the cars and truck beside ours in the mirror;-LRB-
  • tiredness detection system(requirement for all trim levels)– examines the driver’s driving design and advises driving breaks based upon unsafe habits (for instance, regular crossing of the lane dividing line);-LRB-
  • LC channel control system(requirement on all devices variations)– makes sure that the driver does not leave his lane;-LRB-
  • psychological speed limitation(requirement for all devices variations)– enables you to lower the speed of the vehicle in accordance with the appropriate speed limitation.
FIAT Icon 500 III BEV Cabrio 42kWh 118KM 1AT FWD SB079CE 01-2022
Some motorists switch off Lane Assist– however simply a fast look or doze off suffices to be glad.

Fiat 500 BEV: automated driving functions

This “security umbrella” in the electrical Fiat 500 is finished by the 2nd group of support systems, concentrated on driving convenience– it is comprehensive. IACC adaptive cruise control and Active Lane Keeping System (basic functions of the La Prima variation) and A traffic line assistant is offered on demand.

How does it work? Adaptive cruise control works like “typical” cruise control, keeping a set speed (you can likewise set an adjusted worth based upon the existing speed limitation)– till you fulfill another vehicle in your course. The Fiat 500 slows down while preserving a particular range (numerous degrees to select from). When the vehicle in front vanishes from the field of vision of the radar, Fiacik speeds up back to its initial speed.

FIAT Icon 500 III BEV Cabrio 42kWh 118KM 1AT FWD SB079CE 01-2022
The adaptive cruise control and cruise control can be triggered without taking your hands off the guiding wheel.

Adaptive cruise control, likewise called intelligence, is a service that has actually been understood for more than 20 years. Recently, its efficiency in pricey cars has actually been boosted Active lane assistant, which assists the driver in selecting a lane (so-called center on the lane) Simply put– it not just returns the cars and truck to the course, for instance, in case of a stutter, however likewise supports it with mild changes in selecting the instructions of travel. As an outcome, the rider ends up being extremely worn out when taking a trip fars away. This is precisely the option used by the Fiat 500 (basic variation of La Prima).

By the method, contemporary systems of this type are so intricate that they can separately “drive” the vehicle even for fars away, however for security factors, the law does not permit the driver to touch the guiding wheel. Mentioning steering, the electrical Fiat 500 uses– previously really familiar from the very first cars– guiding wheel with hand touch sensing units and, if required, they hesitate to get the arrangement. In cars without this option, when driving directly ahead, the line assistant can advise the driver needlessly that he does not put his hands on the guiding wheel, due to the fact that the electrical power does not see any motion. In Fiacik, there are no frustrating messages, since the automobile constantly understands whether the steering arms are resting on the wreath or not.

500 traffic queue assistant
Traffic line assistant works in the town hall and on overloaded roadways. Imagined: Fiat 500 variation 3 + 1, with extra rear doors for simple entry and exit of rear travelers.

For an extra PLN 1,500, the leading Fiat 500 La Prima can likewise be refitted with traffic assistant which boosts IACC cruise control with automated stop and begin when driving in city traffic– a beneficial option for travelling to and from work.

Thus, the electrical Fiat 500 is the very first little automobile to use an automated transmission in the so-called cars and truck. level 2(at the 5-point level of automation). Most significantly, the systems work intuitively and are simple to utilize– to trigger the cruise control and concentrate on the lane you simply require to push the buttons on the guiding wheel, and the automobile speeds up, brakes and changes the driving course efficiently, without nerves. responses. Details on the operation of specific support group exists in the digital instrument cluster:

In addition, the Fiat 500 can have High Beam Support which instantly alters the light mode when it finds other automobiles– hence lowering the trouble to other roadway users, while minimizing the problem on the driver. The outcome: less tiredness when driving at night.

As smart device users, we are utilized to the truth that brand-new variations of mobile applications and gadgets use brand-new and “smart” functions … which, although initially they appeared unneeded, rapidly end up being really beneficial. It is no various from the support systems in the Fiat 500– services such as focusing of the lane and traffic line assistant influence terrific self-confidence in their operation. Even chauffeurs who do not like a cars and truck that acts for them will value it. Simply attempt it!

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