New Entering the Guinness Book: “BMW 02” to satisfy the record in Inn Valley

The record effort can start– the deputy mayor of Kirchdorf Walter Unterhuber, in charge of 02 er Richard Elender and the mayor of Julbach Markus Schusterbauer were encouraged of this (from left).

Entry into the Guinness Book of Records succeeded: in Kirchdorf (Rottal-Inn district) there was the longest parade of 02 with 163 cars.

Last year, the famous conference “BMW 02 er” might just occur on a little scale. This year, 163 cars of this type from big parts of Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Hungary streamed to the airport and revealed themselves there in all their splendor. If the weather condition had actually been much better, as much as 50 more would have come, Richard Elender, head of the “BMW 02” club in Lower Bavaria, makes certain. Due to the fact that he had actually called an extremely unique occasion.

The club wished to go into the Guinness Book of Records with the longest parade of ’02 BMWs (a minimum of 2 kilometers were needed for this). And: The BMW individuals in fact handled to get a caravan of about 2.5 km on the path and everybody included went back to their location with no problems after that range was covered.

Each vehicle took an image at the start

Kirchdorf Deputy Mayor Walter Unterhuber, Julbach Mayor Markus Schusterbauer and Pastor János Kovács guaranteed that whatever went efficiently from the start. The latter rode in the parade with Elender. In order to record whatever for the record effort, each automobile needed to be photographed at the start and the whole journey tape-recorded utilizing a drone.

Whether in their initial state or with sports design, from 1502 to 2002, Alpina, Touring, ti or tii, in strong and matt colors, all designs can be appreciated on the airport site– even 02 racing cars existed to suitable design. There are likewise older ones from the BMW 3 and 5 series. And if you are searching for extra parts, you can discover numerous pieces on the parts market.

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The desire of the deceased was satisfied after death

Elender had an unique surprise for Evelyn Rollwage. The 35- year-old owns a BMW 2002 tii Alpina, her dad’s very first automobile, which was severely harmed in a mishap and was not roadworthy for years. Getting the automobile back up and running wasn’t simply Rollwage’s desire, it was among his dad’s last desires. Richard Elender learnt about it and looked after the “ill”. At the “BMW 02” conference, he shocked Evelyn Rollwage with the outcomes. Other than for a couple of techniques, such as ornamental pieces, and so on, Alpina has actually gone back to its initial state and triggered a shock, not just to the owner.

Excitement was high when Elender released02 It is clear that strolling through the lots of rows of cars and the talking store will make you starving and thirsty. In a totally geared up airplane garage, Kirchdorfer scouts provided visitors and individuals the very best of cooking enjoys strong and liquid kind. For numerous years, the scouts have actually taken this function at the 02 conference. The females of “BMW 02” brought home-made breads, tarts and lard baked products, i.e. sugary foods ideal for coffee and dessert, for males, females and kids.

Certificates and awards

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Mayor Johann Springer had the honor of arranging the award. He was impressed by the great cars and what Elender had actually attained with “his” club. It takes a great deal of enthusiasm to be able to do all this, applauded Springer and believed that this dedication was worthy of instant appreciation. The mayor was pleased with the cooperation and uniformity of different clubs in this occasion and thanked 02- Club, flying club, fire brigade and kid scouts for their devotion and wanted them a great course for the occasion prior to turning over the certificates and prizes.

At the award event, the earliest individual in the conference, Friedrich Pihale from Nuremberg, born in 1946, enjoyed to get the prize in the type of a 2-liter stein. Pihale has actually participated in 29 out of 02 conferences of the “BMW 02” club in Lower Bavaria with among his cars. As the youngest individual, born in 2002, Lukas Friedenberger from Berlin-Falkensee got a “prize” like Joachim Kruse from Bad Segeberg, who took a trip the longest with 899 km. A right-hand BMW of this type, which Alexandra Michel from Hauzenberg had actually taken a trip, he existed at the 02 conference for the very first time. He had actually seen this design in England and understood instantly that he desired it. As quickly as he stated that, the English instructor rode into your house in his yellow 02– with him: the Queen. Really not in genuine life, however as an image on the sun defense on the back seat window.

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The “BMW 02″ club of Lower Bavaria ended up the 30 th conference at Gasthaus Kirchenwirt (” Wirts Kathi”). Elender thanked everybody who pertained to climax, however likewise all the visitors for their interest in the extraordinary 02 ers. His unique thanks likewise went to the flying club for making the hall and field readily available and to the kid scouts for their fantastic hospitality. The kids of the underground developed a musical night, led by their tunes and offered ideal home entertainment with an enjoyable noise. Summary of Richard Elender– effective conference of all celebrations.


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