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Exclusive Research, Tesla runs the risk of groundwater contamination at Gigafabrik in Grünheide

Hamburg, September 29, 2022

#US carmaker Tesla has actually been disregarding #environmental security #measures at its factory in #Grünheide, Brandenburg, for months, running the risk of #groundwater poisoning. This is recommended by star research study. According to the Brandenburg Environmental Protection Association (NABU), in the worst case situation, contamination might likewise threaten Berlin’s supply of water.

Another occurrence did not happen up until Monday on the premises of the Tesla factory. Some paper, cardboard and wood were burned, according to authorities. When the low-water authority validated to the star, the stagnant water permeated into the ground unrestricted. Elimination and tasting of the afflicted location is bought.

André Bähler, head of the regional water association Strausberg Erkner, is surprised. He informed Stern: “Given the truth that the groundwater is unguarded at this time, we are really worried.” The alarm did not work on Monday and its workers found out about the fire from the media. “We anticipate the pertinent authorities to act rapidly and properly, unlike the last occurrence at the paint store.”

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It was just in April that an event happened in a paint store. 15,000 liters of chemicals spilled from the pond. The next day, throughout clean-up work, “2 to 3 liters” of the paint mix presumably wound up on the street in front of the place. According to the fire brigade of the Tesla plant, no product got in the sewer system and there was no risk to the underground water. This appears to oppose the image of the website, in which the cover of the hole and the surrounding strip of land are colored with a red liquid.

It is explosive that the Tesla plant remains in the defense zone of drinking water. An aquifer streams simply a couple of meters listed below the Tesla making website to drinking water wells about a mile from the factory. The district’s groundwater authority, which is expected to manage Tesla, just did an “organoleptic sample” of the soil after the occurrence. Property surveyors examined the impacted soil for consistency, color and odor. The head of the water association André Bähler sees this effort as inadequate. “There are likewise poisonous compounds that you can not smell,” he slams. Till that event in April, there was no alarm strategy or series to report the mishaps. “That is inappropriate, after all it is a secured location for #drinking water,” states Bähler.

Brandenburg’s Environment Ministry validated that there are unpaved locations on the website– likewise near the paint store. It is uncertain if Tesla plans to close those locations. Generally, the business has a “obligation for self-monitoring” in addition to official tracking. The lower #water authority likewise described the “regular habits” of self-regulation. One can ensure the occasion in the paint store that “the security steps created to avoid groundwater contamination by water contaminating compounds have actually been carried out”. Tesla left queries about the claims unanswered.

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The building of the factory was mainly supported by the state federal government of Brandenburg. Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) assured in a letter to Tesla that the approval procedure “will be motivated and handled rapidly” throughout the job’s start-up stage. “It is tough for the authorities to manage Tesla. On the one hand, since they do not have sufficient individuals, however likewise due to the fact that the political leaders truly desire this task,” states Christiane Schröder from #Nabu.

Monday’s fire in Tesla has actually signaled regional homeowners. Steffen Schorcht, representative for the resident effort, informed Stern: “Our worst worries have actually come to life. We require the suspension of production till the causes and situations are clarified and all safety-related procedures in the location of water defense are carried out.


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