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New Fantasy Car Auction: Bugatti, Ferrari, Lambo, Group B

Sports cars from Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini and three Group B rally cars form the basis of the collection of dream cars that RM Sotheby’s will auction in London on November 5, 2022.

On November 5, 2022, RM Sotheby’s auction in London a collection of 18 dream cars. The Gran Turismo collection started with one 25 years ago Ferrari F40 directly and now includes seven eight- and twelve-cylinder models from Maranello, supercars from Bugatti, Jaguar and Lamborghini as well as three group B cars.

Each of these cars could stand as a model on a shelf in a car enthusiast’s room in the 80’s or 90’s or hang on a poster on the wall. The oldest model in the collection is the 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV, the youngest is Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 330+ from 2022. So the collection includes 50 years of super sports car history – with Group B as a small way.

Toivonen’s Delta S4

The main attraction of the collection comes from this side track: It is the Lancia Delta S4 with which Heri Toivonen won the 1986 Monte Carlo Rally. The Delta S4 was a formidable machine by the height of the Group B permit regulations: under a silhouette that only remotely reminds of a production car, there is a tubular space frame. The back, which can be opened in one piece, sits tall in front of the rear axle, an engine designed specifically for rally use, which cannot be seen under various spoilers, lines and pipes: a four-cylinder 1.8 liter works. in front of the turbocharger with a slightly lost diameter of the medium fryer. An additional compressor helps the engine up to 480 hp. The whole car weighs 890 kg. The estimated price is 2.05 to 2.65 million euros.

Toivonen and co-driver Sergio Cresto died in a fatal accident on May 2, 1986 during the Corsica Rally. They both burn in the car, the exact circumstances cannot be explained. Shortly thereafter, the world body decides to abolish Group B. From January 1, 1987, the rules related to the series of Group A will apply.

La Ferrari and Enzo first hand

Ferrari EnzoFerrari came to the collection as a new car. Painted in the Rosso Corsa style, it perfectly matches the first F40 that started the collection, as well as the Ferrari 288 GTO, the F50 and the red La Ferrari. The Enzo has 71,937 kilometers behind it – and one accident, as a result of which it was removed from the factory. According to the details, various invoices document the regular maintenance of the sports car by professionals. Most recently, in August 2021, the fluids, filters, belts and spark plugs were updated for about 6,100 euros. RM Sotheby’s estimates the value of the car at 2.1 to 2.6 million euros.

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Michael Jurtin ©2022 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

One of the 499 La Ferraris made also came to the collection as a new car in 2014. An unknown collector also drove this super sports car. Instead of leaving it idle in the garage, it drove 24,233 miles (38,773 km) and the car was also regularly serviced – most recently in March 2022. In total, repairs have cost more than 30,000 British pounds over the last eight years, which would be. same today about 34,400 euros.

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One of 150 Lamborghini Miura SV

The idea of ​​installing a V12 engine through a chassis must come first. Gian Paolo Dallara did just that when he joined at the age of 28 Lamborghini was commissioned to create an attractive sports car. Lamborghini already had twelve cylinders, designed by Giotto Bizzarrini, in its range. Lamborghini showed the chassis and engine in 1965 at the Turin Motor Show. The lost body was painted by a young Bertone employee, Marcello Gandini. The entire car was first shown during the 1966 Geneva Motor Show.

762 in total frogs built Lamborghini, including 150 SV. It had a wider track, bigger wheels and a little more power. One such model rolled out of the factory on August 17, 1971 and was shipped to the United States. Originally painted in Rosso Corsa, after changing hands, countries and colors several times, the sports car joined the Gran Turismo Collection in 2015 and was painted in Verde Miura. In the last seven years he has traveled less than 300 km. The exact mileage is unknown. Estimated price is 2.25 to 2.6 million euros.

The fastest Bugatti: Chiron Super Sport 300+

The fastest, cheapest and most expensive car in the collection is the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 330+. A special example during the speed record of 304.773 miles per hour (487.6 km / h) set by test driver Andy Wallace at the VW test site in Ehra-Lessien. Never has a road car been faster.

Then Bugatti made 30 Chiron Super Sport 300+ with a long tail and 1,600 hp for luxury customers. All 30 models are painted carbon black, stand on black magnesium wheels and have jet orange accents. The interior features carbon, leather and Alcantara in Beluga Black and Jet Orange. An example from the Gran Turismo collection has 1,416 miles (2,266 km) on the odometer and according to RM Sotheby’s is worth 4.7 to 5.5 million euros.


The cars from the Gran Turismo Collection are a great example of how high-end sports cars have been developed over the past 50 years: In 1970, a naturally aspirated V12 engine made people weak in the knees . Today, while the Golf R is already running at 270 km / h in the old work, this work is taken by the Bugatti Veyron with W12 eight liters, four turbochargers and 1,600 hp.

Whoever managed to put this collection together, and who apparently also drove some of the cars extensively, has had a good hand – and now it looks like some of the most impressive machines in automotive history.

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