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New Ferrari chasing after Red Bull! The Formula 1 format avoids updates

Charles Leclerc began with top place two times in Azerbaijan, two times Monegasque lost the lead after simply a couple of laps. Ferrari desires and requires to alter that to be able to eliminate for the Formula 1 World Championship once again. Group employer Frederic Vasseur has actually currently revealed updates to the SF-23, however he likewise understands that the effective updates are not an ensured success due to the brand-new race weekend and calendar. numerous races.

Vasseur: It’s difficult to establish an automobile

Charles Leclerc saw the checkered flag in Azerbaijan, 21 seconds behind race winner Sergio Perez. In spite of the security cars and truck stage after 10 laps, the Monegasque lost practically half a minute in the Grand Prix range race. He began with lead in the race on Saturday and in the primary race on Sunday. “In basic, they were faster than us, we do not need to trick ourselves,” Ferrari group employer Frederic Vasseur likewise understands.

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SF-23 lags RB19 A photo that was currently emerging towards completion of in 2015 with previous cars. “We will bring an upgrade from Miami and in the next couple of races, then we will see how the vehicle deals with,” the Frenchman wishes to deal with the weak points of the present red goddess. He likewise understands that this will not take place over night.

The brand-new style leads to small updates

” It’s tough to develop a cars and truck for this format (brand-new sprint weekend, editor’s note), however that’s how it is for everybody, it’s part of the competitors,” Vasseur does not wish to rest on reasons. In Baku, thanks to the brand-new race format presented by Formula 1, groups had just 60 minutes to check their cars and any upgrades. It’s inadequate to use the complete effect of the development to the cars and truck, not to mention bring the entire bundle. Due to certifying happening right away later on, the parc fermé guideline entered into result right away after the session. Other significant setup modifications to the lorries were for that reason restricted.

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” The racing calendar and the style press the group to bring brand-new little updates and huge plans,” Vasseur likewise learns about the intricate nature of the automobile’s advancement. “Of course we need to think about that in our method in the next race. Monaco, for instance, is not the very best method to establish the vehicle, so we will just bring a little upgrade,” revealed the Ferrari group manager.

Status of the Formula 1 World Cup 2023: Driver table

  • 1. Max Verstappen (93 points)
  • 2. Sergio Perez (87 points)
  • 3. Fernando Alonso (60 points)
  • 4. Lewis Hamilton (48 points)
  • 5. Carlos Sainz (34 points)
  • 6. Charles Leclerc (28 points)
  • 7. George Russell (28 points)
  • of the 8th. Lance Stroll (27 points)
  • 9. Lando Norris (10 points)
  • 10 Nico Hulkenberg (6 points)
  • 11 Oscar Piastri (4 points)
  • 12 Valtteri Bottas (4 points)
  • 13 Esteban Ocon (4 points)
  • 14 Pierre Gasly (4 points)
  • 15 Guanyuzhou (2 points)
  • 16 Yuki Tsunoda (2 points)
  • 17 Alexander Albon (1 point)
  • 18 Kevin Magnussen (1 point)
  • 19 Logan Sargeant (0 points)
  • 20 Nyck de Vries (0 points)
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Formula 1 World Cup 2023 standings: Team table

  • 1. Red Bull (180 points)
  • 2. Aston Martin (87 points)
  • 3. Mercedes (76 points)
  • 4. Ferrari (62 points)
  • 5. McLaren (14 points)
  • 6. Alpine (8 points)
  • 7. Haas (7 points)
  • of the 8th. Alfa Romeo (6 points)
  • 9. AlphaTauri (2 points)
  • 10 Williams (1 point)


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