New Fiat 126p. Just how much did it cost and the length of time did it consider a child in Gierek’s Poland?

During the reign of Edward Gierek, the Fiat 126 p ended up being the imagine countless individuals. The automobile was a sign of success and high social status. To purchase it, nevertheless, you needed to wait years and invest a great deal of cash. Was it worth it?

The production of the Polish Fiat 126 p, which is maybe the most long-lasting and lovely indication of Gierek’s Poland, started on June 6, 1973 in Bielsko-Biała, and 2 years later on the children started the assembly line in Tychy. The very first copies were produced in Italy at Fiat’s Cassino plant in September 1972.


Throwing on a stick

The very first discussion of the vehicle occurred throughout the auto program in Turin, and a month later on you can happily see it at the Defilad Stadium in Warsaw. The audit was carried out by a genuine crowd.

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The Italians produced the infant till 1980, the Poles twenty years more, and throughout that time more than 3.3 million systems of the Polish Fiat 126 p struck the roadway. Of this number, about 900,000 were provided when Edward Gierek was the very first secretary of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party.

Italian variation of the Fiat 126 from 1973 (Camilla Giribardi/ public domain).

Until 1976 the automobile was made utilizing Italian parts, later on it was really a “made in Poland” item. He is completely astounding. The six-month guarantee passed rapidly, and the problems stayed.

Almost whatever broke for the kids, however the most troublesome were the links, the generator, the battery, the transmission and the bad brakes. And, first off, components. As an outcome, numerous users installed their “cars” with a stick or rail, which might not be altered when beginning the kid.


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But in the face of the pleasure of having your own 4 wheels, nobody grumbled. The basic style permitted practically every user to develop a vehicle on his own. Since the network of personal automobile repair work stores did not establish till the 2nd half of the seventies, and Polmozbyt’s couple of points and serving all the children definitely might not manage it.

About 20 nationwide averages

The authorities disputed for a long period of time just how much this “individuals’s vehicle” ought to cost, since in a nation where the laws of the free enterprise did not use, the rate was set by the Central Committee of the Polish United Trade Union. Zdzisław Rurarz, then Gierek’s financial advisor, attempted to encourage Sztygar to offer the vehicle at auction– the purchaser would use the greatest rate. And this, from the viewpoint of the authorities, was very important, due to the fact that Poland was under the danger of inflation.

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The article is part of Piotr Gajdziński's book titled Gierek.  Coal man (Poznań Publishing House 2022).
The post becomes part of Piotr Gajdziński’s book entitled Gierek. Coal guy(Poznań Publishing House 2022).

Selling an automobile can decrease this danger. Gierek did not like this innovative type, it is totally incompatible with the ideology widespread in the Polish Peerel. In order not to omit Rurarz– the specialist forecasted that throughout the auction the cars from Bielsko-Biała would reach a rate of around PLN 80,000– he somewhat increased the proposition of Tadeusz Wrzaszczyk, the minister of device market, who valued the automobile at 68,000

In the end, Poles purchased a child for more than 1000 zlotys, and in exchange they paid from 110 to 120,000 zlotys. The typical income in those years was PLN 3.5 thousand. Gathering the best quantity, while not simple, is just the start of the tough roadway to owning your own cars and truck.

Five years of waiting

” To help with the purchase of a Polish Fiat 126 p automobile, priced at PLN 69,000, Polska Kasa Oszczędności will start accepting cost savings book prepayments on February 5, 1973,” it was revealed. And the Poles hurried to the sales register. The prepayment system ended on March 15, 1973.

Now it was delegated transfer cash from time to time and wait patiently. 5 years. The fortunate ones were delighted early, due to the fact that the books were drawn arbitrarily, and then the waiting duration was reduced to 4 or 3, and often to just 2 years.

Having a small child was the dream of millions of Poles.  But how can such a child go to family practice?  (Stiopa / CC BY-SA 3.0).
Having a little kid was the imagine countless Poles. How can such a kid go to household practice? (Stiopa/ CC BY-SA 3.0).

Unless, obviously, a fortunate individual can pay the entire quantity simultaneously. As a guideline, he could, individuals obtained just by force to discover the most significant treasure in the seventies, a things of dreams, an undoubted indication of success and a high social position. Similarly crucial, the envy of next-door neighbors, family and friends members. Due to the fact that driving your own Fiat to the workplace was a wise thing that is difficult to comprehend today.

A guarantee satisfied

During the discussion of the vehicle at Plac Defilad in Warsaw, it was revealed as “a model of the Polish Fiat 126 p, which will introduce an age of mass mobilization in our nation”. It was among the couple of guarantees that Gierek and his group satisfied– in 1971 there were over half a million automobile on Polish roadways, by the end of the years it was currently more than 2 million.


Because despite the fact that this design didn’t have a factory radio or perhaps a right-hand mirror, this cars and truck took Poles into an entire brand-new age. He altered Poland and Poles beyond tv. A lot more than the communist rulers desired.

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The short article becomes part of Piotr Gajdziński’s book entitled Gierek. Coal male(Poznań Publishing House 2022).


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