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New Fiat Viaggio, Fiat Ottimo– the positions of this brand name have actually been burned

Fiat Viaggio, Fiat Ottimo. Have you ever became aware of these designs? Most likely not– they never ever struck the European market, although they have a great deal of European genes in them. These are “mishap” cars, which, contrary to looks, can be the most significant success in the Old Continent. It sufficed to follow the course of the Fiat Freemont. I’m informing you what’s going on.

Fiat Viaggio and Fiat Ottimo are fascinating developments

When Chrysler and all its brand names fell under the hands of Italy, the brand-new FCA chose to utilize its resources. The objective was to develop easy and appealing designs from the consumer’s perspective.

So we took the popular platform from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta to the workshop. It was developed with bodies created to fit the tastes of American consumers. This is how the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart were born. The very first design was displayed in 2014, while Dodge struck the marketplace previously, in 2012.

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Many services have actually been transplanted here from Europe, with the 1.4 MultiAir engines being at the leading edge. A comparable system was consisted of in the Dart lineup, where it was signed up with by the 2.0 and 2.4 Tigershark constructs from the Chrysler car dealership. In Chrysler 200, the deal was closed with 3.6 V6 Pentastar, utilized, to name a few, in Freemont.

Interestingly, all these cars ended up being substantial failures in the United States. The Dart vanished from the deal after 4 years, and the 200 after simply 2.

However, Dart offered “life” to 2 Fiat designs

In China, it was chosen to reconstruct the Dart, integrating its front with a rear comparable to the Chrysler200 This is how the Fiat Viaggio was born, an easy compact sedan with a really appealing style. It went into the marketplace in 2012, specifically with the Dart. A year later on, it was chosen to produce a hatchback based upon the Fiat Viaggio, which was called the Ottimo.

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Fiat Viaggio Fiat Ottimo

These cars were produced by a joint endeavor in between Fiat and GAC (they make Trumpchi cars, to name a few). The Italians believed that the Chinese would enjoy to go to the beauty salons for their items.

However, this did not occur. Fiat Viaggio and Ottimo likewise “vanished” without being determined

And the reality is, these cars need to be launched in Europe instantly. Why? Bravo was getting old at that time– in 2012, 5 years had actually passed because the launching of this cars and truck. Freemont, warmly gotten by consumers on the Old Continent, revealed that Europeans are not scared of “American transplants”.

And Viaggio and Ottimo had whatever you require to be delighted. Engine? The 1.4 T-JET building and construction offered 120 and 150 HP here, which was precisely what was required. In addition, power went to the wheels not just through a manual transmission, however likewise thanks to the TCT dual-clutch automated transmission.

The Italians would transplant a 1.6 diesel motor there with no problems, developing a total deal. They would get not just an excellent follower to the Bravo, however likewise an automobile that would fill the space that the Tipo utilized a couple of years later on.

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Fiat Viaggio Fiat Ottimo

The issue is that Tipo looked totally “budget plan” from the start. Not a bad automobile– none of those things. It does not have a number of functions, thanks to which it can be dealt with as a total rival of other compacts. The Italian brand name might bring in clients since of the great cost of this cars and truck, however the strong building revealed a couple of years previously can enhance the image of the business.

It deserves keeping in mind, nevertheless, that these were innovative times in the demonstrations led by Sergio Marchionny. The head of issue was understood for his huge choices where the most crucial thing was the outcome. FIAT at that time it was filled with senior supervisors who hesitated to make huge or vibrant choices. More than likely for this factor FIAT Viaggio and Ottimo did not “slip” to Europe.


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