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New Finally Tromba exposed that he is talking with Friz!

On Monday, the very first conference prior to Fame MMA 16 occurred. Web stars are battling in the Octopus currently November 5 in Arena Gliwice. The primary battle of the night will be Marcin Dubiel and Mateusz “Tromba” Trąbka.

Tromba about the quarrel with Marcysia and the fans of the group: “Chorągiewy”

Tromba about the relationship with Friz

During the conference, Sylwester Wardęga might not assist however raise the subject of the group. Wprost asked Tromba if the Crew home was over, or if the relationship with Friz (Karol Wiśniewski) was over.

Well, we do not talk with each other, he stated for the very first time.

Is that why the employees separated? “Something took place about the joint stock business”

However, he stressed that it is not one circumstance that indicates that today they no longer speak:

I indicate, it wasn’t ” I’m ending my relationship with you today, we do not talk any longer” We simply varied in some elements, not just me, other individuals from the group, how to state, are on our side– stated Mateusz.

Wardęga stated that the audience of the group remained more with Friza. For his part, the owner of the gala, Boxdel asked if Tromba felt hurt.

Yes. Not just this (ed. Monetary concerns), there are a couple of things (ed. Which varied)– responded to Trąbka.

He included that he can state what his human relationship is, since he will not be penalized for it, however he will not go over other subjects.

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The team broke! Friz and Wersow are not speaking with the other TEAM?


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