New Ford is remembering almost 49,000 systems of the Mustang Mach-E in the United States

Ford has about half of the 2021 and 2022 Mustang Mach-E designs produced in the United States at its Mexico plant in between late May 2020 and late May2022 he kept in mind In addition, dealerships are asked to stop offering Mustang-Es till additional notification. It is called ‘due to the fact that of an issue that can trigger the vehicle to be incapacitated’.

High voltage switches can be strained

In practice, the issue is possible getting too hot of the high voltage switch of the battery. When these switches switch on excessive, they shut off the power supply. This is to conserve failure to avoid the worst result. When the power supply is off, the Mustang-E can not begin.

It is even worse when getting too hot of the switch takes place while driving. Even then, for security factors, the power supply will be stopped and the automobile will not have the ability to be driven, without the drive, power steering, and so on, with all the possible repercussions.

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Software upgrade

The great news in the meantime is that the issue does not accompany European copies of the Mustang-E. Ford has actually likewise currently revealed that the problems with the high-voltage switch can be fixed by ways of an air upgrade. The upgrade is ‘just’ arranged for July. Consumers with Mustang-E from the afflicted production series in the United States are asked to go to the dealership to upgrade the software instantly.

It’s not the very first time the Mustang-E has actually dealt with a recall. At the end of in 2015, an issue appeared in the panel roofing system that might vanish. This likewise taken place to European EV designs.


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