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New Forgotten design: Mitsubishi Lancer 2000 Turbo, forefather of the Lancer EVO

Mitsubishi Lancer is a sincere household automobile, without history and without numerous enhancements, which was released in1973 In order to ‘develop an image’ and offer it the needed sexual magnetism, the Japanese car manufacturer rapidly saw the value of taking part in automobile racing. In 1981 Mitsubishi took the leap with the Lancer 2000 Turbo and produced a competitors maker that reached 300 hp!

The size of a BMW!

What is extremely unexpected is the excellent technical resemblance in between this design and the BMW 2002 Turbo: after all, Mitsubishi copies the engine (turbo 2 liters and 170 hp), the basic measurements of the German and even the engraving “turbo”, in the mirror composing on the front spoiler! The Mitsubishi suspension, on the other hand, is more rugged, with a stiff axle.

These days …

Although the Mitsubishi Lancer 2000 Turbo has high efficiency and is reasonably trusted, it is likewise really uncommon (the majority of them have actually been up to rust, while others are typically transformed into cars or wind up around a tree …). Discovering an excellent and genuine copy is a success nowadays. In spite of these homes and its fantastic rarity, the example stays offered and will not cost you more than 10,000 euros for an example in excellent condition.

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