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New Front Crash! Mazda swerves into approaching traffic and strikes a school bus, kids hurt

In Eitorf, the Mazda crossed into approaching traffic and hit a school bus. The driver passed away, his traveler and 2 kids were hurt.

Eitorf (NRW)– In an accident with a school bus this Monday in Eitorf (district Rhein-Sieg, NRW) an individual († 74) was seriously hurt. He passed away at the scene of the mishap.

The blue Mazda diverted into approaching traffic for factors that are still uncertain. © Vincent Kempf

The Mazda driver and his traveler (49) were captured in the frontal crash, cops stated.

The 49- year-old guy suffered major injuries and needed to be required to medical facility by rescue helicopter.

The school bus had an overall of 6 kids, 2 of them (ages 8 and 10) suffered small injuries. The driver (43) was not hurt.

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A blue Mazda bring the 2 guys drove into approaching traffic on L333 around 12 pm for an unidentified factor and struck the bus, private investigators stated.

All 6 kids from the bus were likewise required to healthcare facility as a safety measure.

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L333 is anticipated to stay closed for numerous hours while the crash is examined.

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