New FSO Polonaise. Production history of the design in the years 1977– 1989. What? do you understand this truth?

This automobile was expected to be the follower of the “Big Fiat”. It was prepared to stop the production of the out-of-date Polish Fiat 125 p in the following years, however it was various and both cars were produced in parallel for the next 13 years. Both of them were quite linked, and the primary distinction in between them was the body. Polonez focused more on FSO, which equated, amongst others: more cautious assembly, more improvement, usage of much better products and more stringent quality control. Consumers rapidly discovered and valued it. This was related to the rate, in 1979, a Polish Fiat 125 p with a 1500 engine expense PLN 182,000, and Polonez 1500– 250,000 PLN, and in foreign currency sales– USD 3,200

The very first news series Polonaises existed to the general public in November1977 Serial production started the list below year. The name of this automobile was selected due to the a great deal of readers of the everyday paper “Życie Warszawy”, which at that time was an across the country paper. Everybody believed so, and this variation was preached by propaganda. The truth was various. Prior to the plebiscite was revealed and solved, the name “Polonez” had actually been utilized in the preparation of files for a number of months.

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In 1978, Polonez existed at the International Motor Show in Paris. It excited excellent interest there, due to the fact that of the moderate rate, great design and abundant devices. It was the start of his export profession.

In the very first years of production in Polonaises, gasoline engines 1300 and 1500 were positioned in 5 types, 1500: AA– 75 HP, AB– 82 HP, AIR CONDITIONER (rested)– 70 HP; 1300: BACHELOR’S DEGREE– 65 hp, BB (release)– 60.5 hp. Depressant versions were altered to utilize less expensive lower octane gasoline.


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