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New Genesis GV80 handles Mercedes GLE and Volkswagen Touareg

Genesis GV80, Mercedes GLE and Volkswagen Touareg in screening
So recommend a worthy Korean SUV

The start is– well– suboptimal. The Genesis GV80 was revealed in March when golf legend Tiger Woods crashed in Los Angeles with a brand name brand-new example. Woods made it through the dreadful mishap, so the brand-new Genesis was later on credited as the automobile that conserved the popular golf player’s life– thanks to its 10 air bags and steady guest compartment.

Now we likewise have the huge SUV in Korea, where it needs to deal with domestic competitors. The Mercedes GLE 450 4Matic takes on the Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 TSI 4Motion, although neither is really regional. Mercedes is understood to be integrated in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, VW in Bratislava, and its engines originate from the Audi factory in Gyor, Hungary.

Achim Hartman

Genesis GV80 2.5 T AWD: 304 hp, 422 Nm, test usage 11.9 l/100 km, kerb weight 2,216 kg, freight area 2,152 litres, beginning rate from EUR62,200

While both use a range of engines all the method as much as a plug-in hybrid, the GV80 is just offered with a four-cylinder gas or six-cylinder diesel. A six-cylinder gas engine was missing out on, so it was evaluated with a 2.5-litre fuel engine and a 304 hp luxurious variation (beginning at EUR69,400). Considering That Mercedes and VW do not have precisely ideal and comparable drives, we’ve included a more effective and costly six-cylinder engine here. The GLE 450 4Matic with the 367 hp inline-six will cost a minimum of 79,932 euros, while the Touareg with 340 hp and R-Line devices in the three-liter V6 design in the configurator is 76,465 euros. Due to the fact that VW no longer provides timeless catalog.

Genesis stands apart

They are still readily available for the GV80 and are likewise extremely clear, as there are just a couple of variations and additionals thinking about the elegant base devices. Its other qualities consist of an eye-catching and some uncertainty style. Obviously, the general public discovers it challenging to classify the huge vehicle– particularly when he presses his chrome face in front of him. The GV80 is absolutely nothing for introverts, at least as long as it’s still unusual.

By contrast, the European competitors is a bit more reserved, with Mercedes, and specifically VW, mixing into the streetscape more inconspicuously. Perhaps that’s since they’re more acquainted with the stars and VW symbols than Genesis, whose radiator grille and wing crowns might just be identifiable to experts.

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Mercedes GLE, exterior

Achim Hartman

Mercedes GLE 450 4Matic: 367 hp, 500 Nm, checked fuel usage of 11.4 L/100 km, 2,337 kg kerb weight, 2,055 litres of freight area, beginning cost from EUR79,932

All 3 SUVs are large, specifically the Korean agent, although its measurements are still within the European variety: it is just about 2 centimeters longer than the Mercedes and less than 7 centimeters longer than the Volkswagen. The area offered is alike rich, with space for 5 grownups rather comfy, and 2 individuals who wish to climb up into the 3rd row of seats in the travel luggage compartment. This choice isn’t even offered on the Touareg, and the GLE costs additional, similar to the GV80 In general, the Mercedes with its airy interior gets the most points in this chapter, likewise due to the fact that of its elegant interior height. Even if you’re not that high, a couple of centimeters above the crown produces a sense of spaciousness.

Mercedes has a great deal of space

An SUV in this size class likewise has adequate storage area, in addition to an optimum trailer load of approximately 3.5 lots. The Genesis might just have 2,722 kg of hauling power, however a big and stylish SUV needs to not just be a freight vehicle, it needs to likewise be a rv. If the GV80 has a nappa leather bundle of 2,580 euros like the test cars and truck, then it’s likewise remarkable.

Volkswagen Touareg, appearance

Achim Hartman

Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 TSI 4Motion: 340 hp, 450 Nm, test usage 12.0 l/100 km, kerb weight 2,282 kg, freight area 1,800 litres, beginning rate from EUR68,130

In basic, the effort to offer the GV80 a sense of nobility can be seen all over. This works well, not just since the quilted seat upholstery and crisp control panel appearance sophisticated, however likewise since the surface and material quality appearance really excellent.

The controls, door deals with, and guiding wheel are great and strong, as whatever appears like it’s been shaped out of strong. The GLE 450, particularly the Touareg 3.0 TSI, is more sober, however has particular benefits in operation. The Mercedes with extremely excellent MBUX voice control stands out. It works nearly also on the Volkswagen, however the speech acknowledgment outcomes are less advanced, and the environment controls do not look as crisp.

In Genesis, on the other hand, at greater speeds, it’s much better to pass up the dull speech acknowledgment and discover your method through the numerous menus and functional levels yourself. This is just possible in a straightforward method with easy jobs, and the knobs on the center console are not extremely simple to comprehend, nor are they especially simple to utilize.

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Fine Air Suspension

Mercedes GLE, interior

Achim Hartman

Not just does the GLE have really remarkable suspension convenience, however it likewise has the most unified steering.

Fewer grievances about suspension convenience. The GV80 weighs its residents extremely carefully on all paths, just stumbling over quick bumps. The mild tuning permits for a reasonable quantity of body motion, and the rear travelers need to be seaworthy specifically when rocking over irregular surface.

In any case, rivals with the optional air suspension system can do it with more self-confidence in this test. Obviously, the chassis is pricey, at 2,035 euros on the GLE’s list of Airmatic choices and 2,850 euros for the Touareg’s all-wheel-steering air suspension. The chassis likewise provides active roll stabilization and expenses 5,900 euros.

If you “go for it” for the Mercedes, you can get a comprehensive E-Active body control plan, consisting of roll settlement or cornering functions, for EUR7,735 From that perspective, the basic chassis in the Genesis isn’t bad at all, particularly given that the choices list provides far less upgrade alternatives than its exceptional German competitors. This is specifically obvious, however not just when cornering at high speed.

Mercedes GLE, exterior

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Only the GLE can be updated to a real off-road vehicle with the Off-Road Technology Package (EUR2,261).

While the GV80 is the lightest cars and truck in this contrast, it corners the hardest, the steering appears less precise and indirect, and its ESP steps in earlier and more powerfully. The GLE 450 likewise leads in this regard, merely due to the fact that of its unified and responsive steering. The Touareg is a little more difficult, driving less delicately, and the ESP control limits here tend to be safe too.

costly help plan

All 3 SUVs likewise come basic with four-wheel drive, which, together with the Off-Road Technology Package (EUR2,261), raises the GLE into a genuine off-road vehicle. For the Genesis, choices in this regard are restricted to the EUR490 electronic locking differential. The Touareg’s off-road bundle (EUR650) just uses a bigger fuel tank and underbody security.

But the GV80 includes a glamorous support bundle, nevertheless, which it anticipates to pay at a large 4,290 euros. It consists of the second-generation HDA Highway Assistant, which is capable of independent lane modifications in addition to range functions and guiding help. Mercedes Driving Assistant Plus provides comparable performance, priced at 2,892 euros, and Volkswagen’s Travel Assist uses a less comprehensive Driver Assistance Package Plus (1,075 euros).

Genesis GV80, Mercedes GLE, Volkswagen Touareg, exterior

Achim Hartman

It’s not simply the effective drive that keeps the GLE opting for self-confidence, it’s eventually the most cost-effective.

What can the drive do? The huge four-cylinder engine in the GV80 works simply great as long as it’s not going complete load. There’s the 304- horse power 2.5-liter turbo, and the eight-speed automated loses some of its composure. Not awfully irritating, however the habits of the drive does not actually fit the dignified ambiance.

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The inline-six engine in the GLE 450 does it finest. The Mercedes was the heaviest vehicle in this test, it revs silky smooth, throttles efficiently, and carries out the finest. The efficiency of the Touareg’s V6 is practically as convincing, just it does not rev as quick and general appearances more worried than the Mercedes six-cylinder.

On the other hand, there’s remarkably little distinction in usage, and the GLE 450 leads in that regard. Plainly, the belt starter-generator’s collaboration with the six-cylinder has actually settled, although the usage benefit of half a liter of Super per 100 kilometers should not be definitive in this cost variety. The Mercedes releases an average of about 15 grams of CO2 per kilometer, less than the Genesis or the Volkswagen. Absolutely nothing to do with points, however the psychological edge of the GLE, which wound up being a clear lead in points.


No, specifically with electrical cars, there is little point in having a high body, I choose a compact cars and truck with electrical drive.

Yes, specifically for electrical automobiles, high style is perfect since there are batteries in the flooring. At the exact same time, it supplies a more comfy entry and a much better summary.

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in conclusion

1. Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 4Matic
658 points

With generous area, the most unified general drive, and a chassis that is both comfy and nimble, the GLE can’t be beat here.

2. Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 V6 TSI 4Motion
622 points

The quality isn’t sufficient to lead the pack this time around in regards to irregularity or driving convenience. In addition, the Touareg has a little weak point when braking.

3. Genesis GV80 2.5 T AWD
600 points

The elegant environment and fairly low rate are the most significant benefits of the GV80 He still revealed drive and chassis defects.

Technical Specifications

Genesis GV80 2.5 T AWD 7 Seat Deluxe Mercedes GLE 450 4Matic Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 V6 TSI 4Motion R series
base rate EUR 69,400 EUR 79,932 EUR 76,465
Dimensions 4945 x1975 x1715 mm 4924 x1947 x1797 mm 4878 x1984 x1717 mm
baggage volume 727 to 2144 L 630 to 2055 L 810 to 1800 L
Displacement/Engine 2497 cm3/ 4 cylinders 2999 ml/ 6 cylinders 2995 ml/ 6 cylinders
Performance 224 kW/ 304 hp at 5800 rpm 270 kW/367 hp, 6100 rpm 250 kW/340 hp at 5300 rpm
leading speed 237 km/h 250 km/h 250 km/h
0-100 km/h 7.7 s 5.8 s 6.5 s
Consumption 9.7 L/100 km 8.6 L/100 km
test intake 119 L/100 km 114 L/100 km 120 L/100 km

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