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In the summer season, when preparing the residential or commercial property, we need to handle a great deal of “green waste”, that is, all type of leaves and branches.

We asked the owners of plots in Częstochowa about whether there is a great deal of waste and how to handle it:


According to Centrum Usług Komunalnych( CUK), this waste needs to be gathered in specifically designated containers. They can likewise be provided by hand to unique waste collection. These points are frequently far away, and farmers need to have totally free access to these instruments. What does it truly appear like?


Unfortunately, with the boost in the quantity of waste in fall, we are typically associated with the prohibited burning of leaves and branches. We asked garden enthusiasts if they had actually ever seen this kind of waste burning:

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It is typically heard that an individual who does not appreciate his plot likewise makes it challenging to keep order for his next-door neighbors. Are the locals of Częstochowa battling with such an issue?

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The excess of “green” waste in fall is a natural and inescapable phenomenon. As it ends up, you can handle it, although there are still individuals who do it incorrect, consequently hurting themselves and others.


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