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New He drove an Opel regardless of the disqualification

October 25, 2022 3: 09 PM

The Opel driver did not follow the B-1 “traffic restriction” indication. It ended up that the guy, by the choice of the star, had his driving capability got rid of. Driving with a withdrawed driving license is a criminal offense punishable by a fine, jail time or jail time of as much as 2 years.

On Saturday at midday in Rabka-Zdrój on Zakopiańska Street, authorities from the regional police headquarters saw an Opel driver who did not comply with the B-1 “traffic restriction” indication and continued to drive. Due to the offense he dedicated, he was apprehended for a roadside examination. Behind the wheel of the vehicle was a 33- year-old male who, as it ended up, had a driving license withdrawed by the choice of the Nowy Targ District Starost. In addition, the Opel had a damaged windscreen, for which the cops kept the registration file. Failure to comply with a “no traffic” indication and driving with a damaged windscreen are offenses. On the other hand, driving, without adhering to the choice of the proficient authority to withdraw the right to drive, is a criminal activity under Art. 180 a of the Penal Code, in which a fine, limitation or jail time of as much as 2 years is possible.


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