New He should enjoy the color blue-green. He even has it on the secret of his McLaren Senna (video)

Many makers that provide superior cars use their consumers the best scope to tailor the cars they buy. Naturally, all for an appropriate payment of salt.

When it comes to McLaren, this is MSO. McLaren’s Special Operations Department can do nearly anything to satisfy your every requirement.

McLaren Senna MSO

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McLaren Senna, which you will see in the connected video, is among the tasks established in this area. The owner certainly enjoys the color blue-green.

The name of this shade is Tiffany Blue. It has actually been found on lots of body parts, brake calipers, leather interior trim and even the secret. The rest is simply comparing carbon black.

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It all makes a huge impression, consisting of the efficiency of this automobile, obviously. The McLaren Senna is powered by a 4.0 liter V8 producing 800 horse power and 800 Newton meters.

Acceleration to 100 km/ h is just 2.8 seconds, the optimum speed is 335 km/ h. The most crucial thing, nevertheless, is how this vehicle carries out throughout cornering. Aerodynamics are an artwork here.

McLaren Senna MSO
McLaren Senna MSO

> He understood that the routine McLaren Senna was not extremely obvious. He had his personnel painted in gold (video)

McLaren will just construct 500 of this design. The cost of each of them begins at EUR 922,250, which is around PLN 4,400,000 Selecting the MSO alternative considerably increases this quantity. Some copies can cost PLN 7 million.


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