New Hyundai Bayon– test, evaluations, requirements, cost. For those who prefer “regular” motorization

Hyundai Bayon is a Korean book in the little crossover section. It looks appealing, it’s extremely fairly priced, however is it useful? We have actually examined!

It would appear that cars like this are no longer being made. And here is a surprise! Developed particularly for Europe, the Hyundai Bayon has a 1.2-liter engine under the hood, no hybrids, and an interior that’s remarkably easy. What? is it an appropriate automobile for those who want to drive “generally”?

Hyundai Bayon, image by Karolina Chojnacka

Hyundai Bayon– interior. I20 in camouflage

Bayon is Hyundai’s tiniest and most budget-friendly SUV. The claim that this design opens up the variety for SUVs is a bit overstated. The Bayon has actually been a little inflated and the i20 has actually been somewhat raised for concealment. The Hyundai Bayon has the exact same wheelbase as the i20, however is 14 mm longer (a cosmetic distinction), 40 mm taller, and 2.5 cm more ground clearance. The capability of the freight compartment is 411 liters.

The Hyundai Bayon sticks out more than the i20 on the roadway, primarily since of the strong styling of the back of the vehicle. The double bulge that can be seen on the tailgate and tailgate is a genuine eye catcher. The sharp lines of the two-tone body likewise bring in attention.

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Hyundai Bayon
Hyundai Bayon, picture by Karolina Chojnacka

The interior of the Bayon is practically a copy of the cabin of the i20 They were made really specifically and with excellent products. It is really easy, it does not have various functions that can boost the cabin. The 8-inch screen in one of the most standard variations is simply plain, and the 10.25- inch screen in the much better equipped ones. The multimedia system works effectively and is simple to utilize.

The seat is nearly the like in the i20, and many people will discover it much easier to use up area in it thanks to the a little greater flooring and seats.

The cabinet is simple to utilize. Temperature level and air circulation are set by big switches, other functions are handled by big buttons, well positioned and plainly set out. There are likewise compartments and sockets for charging electronic devices, and in the leading variation, the center console homes an inductive battery charger.

Hyundai Bayon
Hyundai Bayon, picture by Karolina Chojnacka

Hyundai Bayon– driving experience

The Bayon variation I checked is powered by a 1-liter 100 HP T-GDI engine mated to an automated transmission. From 0 to 100 km/ h, the automobile speeds up in 11.7 seconds and its optimal speed is 180 km/ h.

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Hyundai Bayon is developed for city driving. It is challenging to like something here, however there are likewise no unique factors to grumble. It successfully reduces the regular balance of Polish roadways, successfully “swallows” speed bumps, and is simple to drive. He takes bends and flexes with confidence and with confidence, with little propensity to manage. At highway speeds, the cars and truck ends up being a little bit more steady, however it is not unexpected, after all, it weighs more than a lot. In the city, the Bayon provides appropriate driving characteristics and does not pull excessive. Throughout the weekly test, fuel usage was 7.1 l/ 100 km.

Changing the driving mode plainly impacts the habits of the vehicle. In Eco mode, the cars and truck responds sluggishly to gas (up until you push it tough), however changing to Sport absolutely accelerates the Bayon. The reaction to the motions of the best pedal is then more active, the automated transmission enables the engine to utilize greater revs, and downshifts enthusiastically when braking.

Hyundai Bayon, like other cars of the Korean maker, has really delicate security systems. When the turn signal was switched on, the audible signal right away cautioned about the automobile in the lane beside it, which was frustrating when it took place, for instance, in the best turn lane. Systems are likewise typically incorporated into the os, attempting to keep the vehicle on track, even when we are simply approaching the line.

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Hyundai Bayon
Hyundai Bayon, image by Karolina Chojnacka

Hyundai Bayon rate

Hyundai Bayon costs begin at PLN 66700 The evaluated sample in the Executive devices variation, with the 1.0 T-GDI engine, DCT transmission and extra alternatives expenses PLN 107,300

Hyundai Bayon
Hyundai Bayon, picture by Karolina Chojnacka

Hyundai Bayon– evaluations

Such cars are no longer constructed. Bayon can bring in consumers to Hyundai display rooms with its appealing style, basic engine and low rate. It is useful and practical, it will show itself in everyday usage. And although the Koreans will declare that it is an SUV, it has a lot in common with the Bayon SUV because they both have 4 wheels. This must be remembered if one wishes to think about the Bayon as a household vehicle.


  • cost
  • Attractive outside style
  • easy motors supplied
  • ease of usage of the multimedia system


  • extremely delicate security systems
  • engine vibration when driving in traffic
  • There are no soft home furnishings in the interior

Hyundai Bayon– requirements

Engine 1.0 T-GDI
Contagion 7DCT
Maximum power 100 km
Maximum torque 172 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/ h 117 seconds
Maximum speed 180 km/ h


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