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When Madelaine (30) takes her Ford Focus ST to the garage for service, she asks technical concerns. He does not avoid discussion, due to the fact that he understands effectively what he is speaking about!

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Madelaine: “I’ve constantly enjoyed quick cars. I matured with it since of my dad. He was running rallies, which are speed races with some unique phases, and from the age of 22 I was on the track myself. Not for conferences or competitors, however simply for enjoyable.

Yellow Ford Focus ST

I’ve had my yellow Ford Focus ST, a custom-made color, because the start of in 2015. Prior to that I drove a BMW, up until I fulfilled this design in2020 Due to the fact that of my fantastic love for cars, I alter cars typically and in 2020 I desired something various. What precisely, I did not understand. At least my brand-new vehicle had to be a sports vehicle with 4 doors, because at that time I was currently the mom of my child Jasmin (now 6). I likewise wished to take it to the track. After an online search I purchased an utilized white Ford Focus ST. What I liked the most was that it appeared like a racing cars and truck, however had the convenience of a routine household cars and truck. Coincidentally, a year later on I likewise saw a yellow Ford Focus ST on an utilized automobile site. He was from Germany and I understood right away that I desired him. I liked the reality that the automobile was unusual. Extremely couple of yellows were made from this brand name and type. It took 2 days to get it, however I was so pleased when I got it! I ‘d rather simply sit behind the wheel all the time. Changing white and yellow was the very best option I might have made.


Sometimes I utilized to do small repair work myself, however for security and social networks I constantly take my vehicle to an expert. I typically ask technical concerns and look under the bridge. My routine mechanic does not care, however I as soon as had a conversation with a brand name dealership when I declared that the CV joint– which is necessary to the drive shaft– from another vehicle was broken. According to him that was difficult, however later on I was right. Oh, I do not actually care. As a female in the automobile world, I’m utilized to it. I am really happy of my cars and truck!”

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Text: Renée Brouwer
Photo: individual image

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