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New Is Red Bull truly cheated by Ferrari?

( Motorsport-Total. com)– The brief response to the concern our title asks is: no. Tv protection of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix revealed Sergio Perez getting in the pits on lap 15 to alter tires in action to Ferrari radio. Since his chaser, Charles Leclerc, had actually simply been purchased to “box overtake!” offered.

Sergio Perez takes control of the Grand Prix till the very first security automobile phase


However, if you evaluate laps 14 to 16 of the Jeddah race in more information, it rapidly emerges that Perez’s rest stop was more than a response to the Ferrari radio. “He pitted on the lap we were going over prior to the race,” described Red Bull group employer Christian Horner.

Perez’s lead over Leclerc reached its optimum on lap 13: 2.8 seconds. At about the very same time he reported that his best front tire was beginning to use out. Concurred with the race engineers to make the front wing steeper with simply one click throughout rest stop. Indications that a rest stop is coming.

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Leclerc all of a sudden understood that he may be getting the rate and made an idea to the pit team: “Consider surpassing.” Think about getting me included in the undercut. His race engineer thought of it and verified a lap later on, on lap 15: “The box is going to surpass!”

Red Bull understands what Ferrari is doing

When Perez was contacted us to pit at the last corner of lap 15, he was nearing completion of the lap. At the time, Red Bull Command understood what Ferrari was doing. And Leclerc has actually now narrowed his space to simply 1.6 seconds.

The Ferrari driver understood he needed to remain outside in the meantime. The command “Stay away, push overcut!” came when he had actually reached the height of the pit. Thankfully, he himself comprehended that he had to do the reverse of Perez to have the finest opportunity of taking the lead, rather than stubbornly altering tires.

Then Nicholas Latifi crashed at round27 Unlike the significant World Cup last, this one was exceptionally troublesome for Red Bull– a minimum of from Perez’s viewpoint. Because while he needs to pay the complete rate for a tire modification (consisting of 20.5 seconds in and out), there are security cars and truck discount rates on parking charges for Leclerc (210) and Max Verstappen (207).

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” We ran out luck. Leclerc and Max surpassed us,” stated the race engineer on the radio, with Perez’s reaction remarkably calm: “Copy.” He was aware, he stated later on in the very first interview,” Stuff like this can occur on a track like this. Latifi put it on the wall at the incorrect time for me. That’s racing.”

Perez: “We can’t blame ourselves”

” We can’t choose ourselves up. We did whatever we might to win this race from pole,” he stated. Horner concurred: “‘ Checo’ managed the race. It was an extraordinary dissatisfaction due to the fact that he ran an unbelievable lap the other day, he remained in the lead and managed the race remarkably.”

Formula 1 insanity: whoever brakes, whoever wins!

Charles Leclerc wished to win in Jeddah, however Max Verstappen wound up winning the Grand Prix. More Formula 1 Videos

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” That’s what security cars are: Sometimes they assist you, in some cases they combat you. ‘Checo’ was unfortunate today,” Horner stated regretfully. “It was an excellent stop, whatever went quick, and after that the security automobile came and let everybody else park easily. It was simply misfortune.”

And Leclerc likewise connects terrific value to the “overtaking” call, not simply a technique of Ferrari. If Perez had not pertain to the pits, Leclerc would have attempted to reduce: “We were all set to stop. We did the reverse of the ‘Ceco’ ahead and he entered into the lap. It was the ideal choice.”

“‘ Checo’,” Horner stated, “he was extremely quickly early in the race. His tires began to gradually break down. We might see Charles approaching a hazardous range for undercuts, and we heard they wished to Doing this is the reverse of ‘Checo’. We chose to go inside the circle to protect our lead.”

Ultimately, nevertheless, fate organized otherwise. Due to a regrettable occurrence on the security automobile line with Carlos Sainz, Perez fell not just to 3rd, however to 4th. That’s 12 points for the chauffeurs’ champion, which puts him seventh after 2 of the prepared 23 races.

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