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New Jean Todt go back to Ferrari? His recommendations to Binotto/ Formula 1

Ferrari began 2022 highly however likewise fell severely as the year advanced. Previous FIA president Jean Todt talk about speculation about Binotto’s follower and provides recommendations to the existing group employer.

Ferrari is various from other racing groups. Where other groups would be commemorating their go back to the leading flight after a difficult couple of years, there is a specific sense of frustration with the Reds. The Scuderia is the 2nd group behind the Red Bull Championship, after a strong start to the season it is not just Tifosi who have actually been counted.

Meanwhile, world champ Max Verstappen is controling the occasions, however while Ferrari was still using par with Red Bull, the group made a lot of errors. Group manager Mattia Binotto is slammed. Previous FIA president Jean Todt was inquired about Ferrari at the Trento Sports Festival.

In specific, the suggestions he would offer Binotto, after all, he utilized to lead Ferrari. “Every age is various, so I do not wish to offer recommendations,” Todt stated. “It’s really simple to do. The only suggestions I can provide him is to keep going. Due to the fact that Ferrari is currently doing effectively.”

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” It appears to me that individuals are not actually conscious that Ferrari is winning once again, although nearly everybody would choose to see Ferrari win titles,” Todt stated: “We expect next year, due to the fact that this year I do not believe it’s more. It’s possible, however to win you require quality at the level all.”

If you are not ahead, it is necessary to comprehend where the errors originate from, states Todt: “If you frequently make the very same errors, then that indicates you need to alter something.”

He turned down reports that he might be Binotto’s follower. “I question this holds true news. There are lots of messages amongst them that are not real. I had breakfast in Turin with Andrea Agnelli, numerous saw me and believed that I will deal with Juventus,” chuckled Todt.

When he was President of the FIA, he typically met Ferrari employer John Elkann and they spoke about Ferrari’s potential customers, states Todt: “But there is a distinction in between talking, promising and collaborating.”

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Championship status (after 16 of 22 races)

the driver
01 Verstappen 335 points
02 Leclerc 219
03 Perez 210
04 Russell 203
05 Sainz 187
06 Hamilton 168
07 Norris 88
08 Okon 66
09 Alonso 59
10 Botta’s 46
11 Gas 22
12 Magnussen 22
13 Hag 20
14 Ricciardo 19
15 Schumacher 12
16 Tsunoda 11
17 zhou 6
18 Stroll 5
19 Albon 4
20 De Vries 2
21 Latifi 0
22 Nico Hulkenberg (D) 0

Builders Trophy
01 Red Bull Racing 545 points
02 Ferrari 406
03 Mercedes 371
04 Alpine 125
05 McLaren 107
06 Alfa Romeo 52
07 Haas 34
08 Alpha Tauri 33
09 Aston Martin 25
10 Williams 6


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