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Karol Karski chose to make the most of the excellent weather condition. MEP understands that there is absolutely nothing much better than a brief journey to charge your batteries. You do not need to go far to see intriguing things and unwind. Karol Karski he picked Serock, magnificently located in the Masovian Voivodeship on Lake Zegrzyński, opposite the mouth of the Worm to the Narew. The views in this location are remarkable! The political leader did not have much time, so he did not work. Throughout his stay, he checked out the marketplace square and Narew beach, however not just there. He checked out a location that is really crucial for each fan, however likewise for followers.– I wished a while in the historical church where he got wed 9 years earlier Robert Lewandowski I likewise discovered a 25- meter geodesic tower from 1936 in Borowa Góra, which was the center of Poland prior to the war.— he stated in an interview with “Super Express”.

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There was likewise a minute of sweet enjoyment. Karol Karski purchased himself a big part of Italian ice cream, the well-known gimlet, which is a genuine sign of the vacation. He licked the ice cream to taste. The taste was so terrific that it sufficed for a long walk! There is no much better method to have a good time on hot days.– So it was stunning, touristic and historic— summarized Karol Karski, who integrated calm and broadened understanding about history. As you can see, holidays do not need to be long to be effective!

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Karol Karski near the water, Lake Dziekanowskie, river Świder.


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